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    Tuts+ Celebrates 20,000 Free Tutorials!400x277 yellow
    We're excited to announce that 20,000 free tutorials have been published on the Tuts+ network since our launch in 2007. Check out some of our favorite tutorials from the last few years. Read on and join the celebration!Read More…
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    From Tuts+ to AudioJungleAudio preview
    Can you use Tuts+ tutorials to learn how to create an audio track ready to be sold on Envato Market? Read on to find out.Read More…
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    The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce: Shipping Settings Part 1Woocommerce
    You are all set with your online store, you've configured the payment modes and mapped out the scenarios, and now is the time for you to configure how to handle the shipment of orders. Various shipping methods exist, and the selection of these methods becomes quite confusing sometimes. But WooCommerce offers some very easy to use Shipping Methods. Let's get started with them.Read More…
  • Mobile Development
    Create a Bluetooth Scanner With Android's Bluetooth APIAndroid preview@2x
    In this tutorial, we explore what Bluetooth is and how to use the Android Bluetooth API to create an app that scans and displays nearby Bluetooth devices. Additionally, we look over the basics of connecting with a nearby Bluetooth device.Read More…
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    Easy Digital Downloads: Payment Gateway SettingsEdd
    Easy Digital Downloads is a complete solution for selling digital and virtual products via a digital store in a light and efficient way. In my previous article I covered all the settings in the General tab. Now let's move on to the next tab of settings, which is Payment Gateways.Read More…
  • Gender
    Working To Close The Gender Gap in Technology, Engineering, and ProgrammingClose the gender gap
    As an industry, what are we supposed to do whenever there are problems that exist on a social level versus a technical level? That is, when we identify problems that exist within our industry, are we not obligated to provide initiatives that help to solve said problems?Read More…
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    Introduction to the Instagram APIPreview
    More than 26% of all online adults use Instagram to post intriguing real-time imagery from around the world, making it an ideal platform for web developers to explore.Read More…
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    The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce: More Checkout SettingsWoocommerce
    So far in the checkout settings we have configured the settings for Checkout Options and PayPal. Now we will complete the settings for the remaining payment gateways which WooCommerce offers.Read More…
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    Build a Custom WordPress User Flow — Part 2: New User RegistrationTutsplus icon
    In the second tutorial in our three-part series on customizing the WordPress login experience, you will learn how to replace the new user registration with a custom page.Read More…
  • iOS SDK
    watchOS 2: The Power of AnimationsPreview image
    The new operating system for Apple Watch, watchOS 2, was introduced a couple of weeks ago at WWDC 2015. It brings a lot of improvements, mostly for developers looking to create an Apple Watch app. Animations on watchOS 2 present an exciting and new opportunity for Apple Watch developers. In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know about native animations on watchOS 2.Read More…
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    Easy Digital Downloads: General Settings, Part 2Edd
    Easy Digital Downloads is a lightweight plugin with some amazing features and settings. In my previous article, I discussed the first few options which you will find in the General settings tab. In this article I will cover the remaining options which you will have to configure while setting up a digital downloads store.Read More…
  • Magento
    Understand Overriding in Magento: BlocksMagento
    Today, I am going to explain the core files overriding feature in one of the most successful e-commerce frameworks, Magento. In fact, it'll be a series of articles explaining the concept of overriding the core files of different components of Magento module like blocks, models and controllers. In this tutorial, we'll go through the process of overriding core blocks by creating a Magento custom module.Read More…