• Silverlight
    An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight 4 – Part 1Preview1
    ActiveDen aren't the only ones broadening their horizons. Today sees the beginning of regular Microsoft Silverlight content being published on Activetuts+ and I'm thrilled to say we have Silverlight Evangelist Mike Taulty on board to help us meet demand! This is the first of two screencasts (with the second coming tomorrow) demonstrating how to build a simple Silverlight 4 map application, using Visual Studio and the C# programming language. You'll get a decent overview of the Silverlight workflow, and learn what advantages it has over ...similar technologies. Go on - check it out and let us know what you think!Read More…
  • Databases
    An Introduction to MySQL 5: Views200x200
    The MySQL 5 series introduced quite a few changes. Triggers and stored procedures were two of the big ticket items. One of the lesser known additions, at least from the amount of writing on the subject, is the introduction of views. While after a quick look at MySQL views, you might not see the obvious advantages, they're there if you dig into them just a bit.Read More…
  • Android SDK
    Android SDK Quick Tip: Launching the CameraAndroid sdk take picture preview
    This quick tip shows you how to launch the built-in Camera application and use the results for displaying the captured image. You will achieve this by creating an Intent within your application’s Activity. You’ll then learn how to get and process the Intent’s results and use the resulting image within your application.Read More…
  • Games
    Artificial Intelligence Series - Part 1: Path FindingPreview
    This tutorial is the first of three which discuss how to give some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to games and apps you create. In this first tutorial we are going to learn about path finding.Read More…
  • Databases
    Profiling MySQL Queries with phpMyAdminCode
    I have used phpMyAdmin for over a decade. In my early years with the tool, I simply needed something that could show me table structure and quickly give me the data inside. As my needs have grown, so have the tools included with phpMyAdmin which keeps me coming back as my primary MySQL tool, even with optimization.Read More…
  • Flash
    Exclusive Freebie: Preloader PackPreview
    Summer has started, so let's mark the occasion with some more free goodies! This month we're helping kick-start all your Flash projects with a set of 15 preloaders from Carlos Yanez.Read More…
  • Titanium Mobile
    Appcelerator: Using JSON to Build a Twitter ClientAppcelerator 200
    The Twitter API provides a wealth of resources to extend the functionality of mobile applications. When working with this API, results can be provided in either the XML or JSON data format, and this tutorial will be using the lightweight JSON format to create a Twitter iPhone application that will read the latest tweets by Mobiletuts+. We will see how the Appcelerator SDK makes the development of our application a piece of cake! Read More…
  • Applications
    Build an Adobe AIR Stopwatch ApplicationCode
    In this tutorial, we will build an Analog Timer AIR Application that we can use as a utility to time development work. We will be using a Custom Timer class that has Pause and Resume capabilities. This custom class will help you with a lot of Timer based applications as you'll see with a few examples.Read More…
  • PHP
    CodeIgniter from Scratch: SecurityCodeigniter
    In this fourteenth episode of the series, our subject is "˜Security.' We will go over topics such as: password encryption, message encoding/decoding, XSS filtering, output filtering, sql injection, session security, private controller methods and more.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Web Dev Q&A #1: Callbacks, LESS, and Floats200x200
    Today marks the first entry in a new "Web Dev Q&A" series. I'm often emailed concerning various web development related questions. Though some are more specific than others, many of these, I'm sure, would appeal to all of our readers. As such, each week or so, we'll post a new batch of question and answers from the community, in both article and video form, for your convenience. This week, we discuss JavaScript callback functions, a LESS compiler, and those tricky CSS floats. Read More…
  • Interviews
    Developer Interview: Jonathan George of BoxcarIphone interview boxcar jonathan george logo
    Jonathan George has received praise from MG Siegler of TechCrunch and hate mail from numerous iPhone app pirates. This 27 year old developer is the creator of Boxcar, an iPhone application that uses push notifications to send information you want to receive to your phone. He openly admits that his first three apps were swings and misses, but with Boxcar he has undoubtably hit a home run. Garnering praise and multiple appearances on several leading tech blogs, Boxcar has proven that it is a top iPhone application, and, according to Jonathan, it may soon be a top Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7 app.Read More…
  • Games
    Quick Tip: Trigonometry for Flash Game DevelopersPreview 200x200
    In Deploy a Tank in an Isometric War Zone, you learned how to make an object rotate to face the pointer and move towards a location on click. In this Quick Tip, we'll take a general look at the math behind it: trigonometry.Read More…