• PHP
    Create a Progress Bar With Javascript200x200
    The Progress Bar is one of the latest components to be added to the excellent library of UI widgets and interaction helpers built on top of jQuery. It was introduced in the latest version of the library, which at the time of writing is 1.7. Read More…
  • Web Development
    Getting Started with Magento Ecommerce!200x200
    Magento is the next generation of eCommerce! It is incredibly well architectured, fully flexible, scalable, and fun to work with. If you've ever thought about creating an online shop, Magento is your choice! Today we are going to install it locally with XAMPP Lite and review the essentials.Read More…
  • Contests
    Our 1 Year Anniversary, and a Huge CompetitionAnniversary
    Believe it or not, we are rapidly approaching our one-year anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to raffle off some prizes and host our biggest competition yet? Most notably, we have a $2000 RAGE server to award, courtesy of Media Temple! This is a competition you don't want to miss out on! Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    9 Extremely Useful and Free PHP Libraries200x200
    A lot of functionality is shared among applications - like sending emails or preventing spam. In the spirit of reusing the wheel instead of reinventing it, here are nine free web libraries that you can use in your next program which will dramatically increase your efficiency. Read More…
  • Effects
    Create an iPhone-like Flip Effect in Flash Using ActionScript 3.0Preview
    In this tutorial, we'll recreate the Flip Effect used in the iPhone's UI using Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Learn How to Style Articles for Print and EmailImage
    When designing websites, a commonly desired feature is the ability to dynamically print or email any section of a webpage. Unfortunately, this idea is usually scrapped later in the project due to a lack of time or knowledge. Formatting the text for printing is more difficult than it might initially seem. Today, we will use JavaScript to automatically search for certain page elements and format them correctly for a printing. Read More…
  • Contests
    Friday Freebies: "Sexy Web Design"200x200
    This week, I have five copies of "Sexy Web Design" to raffle off, courtesy of SitePoint! Written by Elliot Jay Stock, this beautifully laid out guide will teach you how to create stunning web designs. Read More…
  • Flash
    Build an XML Driven Contact List Using Flex 3Preview
    The goal in this tutorial is to built a contact list which loads dynamically from an external XML file. When the user selects a different contact, the data will automatically update to display properly. We'll also be applying some basic stylesheet changes to the results and give the project a more customized touch.Read More…
  • Flash
    PHP FormPicture4
    A simple php form.Read More…
  • News
    Fun With CSS Shapes200x200
    I bet a bunch of you don't realize that we can create the illusion of shapes by using 100% CSS. By utilizing the border property in creative ways, we can make some really interesting polygons. In this week's screencast, we'll figure out a way to create speech-bubbles without resorting to background images. Read More…
  • ActionScript 3.0 Classes
    AS3 Dotted Line ClassDotted line preview
    Here is an ActionScript 3 class I use all the time to draw pixel perfect dotted lines in Flash. Free for any use other than reselling.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Build a Better Tooltip with jQuery Awesomeness200x200
    Browsers will automatically display a tooltip when you provide a title attribute. Internet Explorer will also use the alt attribute. But, in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to quickly write a jQuery plugin that will replace the typical browser tooltip with something a little flashier.Read More…