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  • Icons
    Free Web IconsSet8
    Icon Cost: FreeFound Via: and iconzworld.comRead More…
  • WordPress
    Don't Ignore Your WordPress Footer200x200
    Footers are often an overlooked aspect of designing a site - when they can actually be kinda handy and informative. In this tutorial we'll go through some options you can have for your WordPress site.Read More…
  • PHP
    Getting Started With Cake PHP: Part 2200x200
    In our last CakePHP tutorial we looked at setting up the CakePHP framework and introduced some of the framework's basic concepts and terminology. Now we turn to illustrating more of CakePHP's rapid development capabilities using a personal blog application as an example. In the next set of tutorials we will build the blog application incrementally so that the basic CakePHP development process is laid out clearly instead of briefly mentioned as in other similar tutorials. In this tutorial we start with a basic authoring authentication component for the example blog application. Read More…
  • Interviews
    Moving On Up With James PadolseyMe
    At only eighteen years old, James Padolsey has proven himself to be a developer worth tracking. Hosting a knowledge that exceeds that of many people twice his age, it truly is a wonder how he's advanced so quickly. Today, we'll talk with him about his origins, his experiences working at his first design firm, and his thoughts on web development in general. Read More…
  • News
    Create a Photo Admin Site Using PHP and jQuery200x200
    I'm pleased to present you with part one of a two part series on creating a photo site using PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. Originally, I intended to fit the entire tutorial into one screencast, but that quickly became a pipe dream as I realized that there was simply too much to cover. Nevertheless, even if you only watch this first video, you should learn a great deal. We'll be retrieving images from a database, creating a simple login form with authentication, and will then allow for our database to be asynchronously updated. Sounds good? If so, let's get into it. Read More…
  • Web Development
    How to Add Auto Complete to Your Google Custom Search Engine200x200
    This tutorial will show you how to use the "Popular Queries" feed from your Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) as a data source for a jQuery autocomplete. Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    10 Awesome Ruby on Rails Techniques to Get You StartedRuby prev
    Rails has seemingly set the web development world on fire these past few years. Popular web applications like Basecamp and Twitter have pushed Rails into the limelight as an excellent framework that any programmer (or even non-programmer) can quickly use to create applications. One of the most popular aspects of Rails is how easy and intuitive it is to start using right out of the box. Here are 10 tips that beginners can use to help with getting started with the powerful framework.Read More…
  • News
    Ruby On Rails - Week 4200x200
    Welcome to Ruby on Rails From Scratch Week 4! This week we're going to talk about ruby syntax. After this tutorial, I believe that you'll have a much better understanding of the framework and feel much more comfortable doing things by yourself. Oh yeah, and there's a surprise this week - a screencast! So without further ado, here is week 4! Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    The Twenty Most Earth-Shattering Tutorials on NETTUTS!200x200
    Yesterday, I took some time to "celebrate" our 6 month anniversary by revisiting our older tutorials. Sometimes, it's easy to forget how much incredible material that we have on this site - material that some of you may not even know about! If you're like me, you use the weekend to catch up on your learning - since work takes up so much time. Today, I'll list the top twenty tutorials on NETTUTS (in no particular order) that will jump-start your education. Read More…
  • News
    NETTUTS Gets a MakeoverNettuts
    If you follow our sister blog PSDTUTS, you may have noticed that last week we updated the design to a new theme - version 4 to be precise - and we're thrilled today to give NETTUTS a similar makeover! Read More…
  • Tooltips
    Taggify Photo TipsTagged1
    Widget Cost: Free, Links backFound Via: Taggify.netRead More…
  • Lightboxes
    ModalBoxModalbox 200
    Javascript Library: PrototypeLicense: Freeware - See File Included with DownloadFound Via: WildbitRead More…