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    Have Your Say in the AppStorm Developer Survey!Preview
    As a mobile developer, you may have come across another site in the Envato network - iPhone.AppStorm. Along with publishing regular iPhone app reviews, how-to's and roundups, we're also working on a new book for iPhone app entrepreneurs! Read on to find out how you can bag yourself a free copy.Read More…
  • General
    Making Sense of Color CodesImage
    HTML color codes are a common and crucial piece of modern web design. While most sites nowadays are designed largely in part with images, colors are particularly important when you need to come up with a color hex value on the fly while coding. In this guide, we will learn the fundamentals behind color coding, ultimately providing you the power to come up with colors without the use of a color picker.Read More…
  • Windows Phone
    Introduction to XNA on Windows Phone 7Xna tutorial
    Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft. In a previous tutorial, I covered the platform, development tools, and taught you how to build an application using Silverlight, one of the two available methods for creating apps on Windows Phone 7. In this article, you’ll learn about the second method for creating apps on WP7, XNA.Read More…
  • XML
    Quick Tip: Using the Datagrid With XMLPreview
    I'm going to demonstrate how to use the datagrid component with an xml file. When you need to display tabular data there is no quicker and easier way than to use a datagrid, and when paired up with an xml file it makes things all the better.Read More…
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    Winners Announced: Free Copies of "Pro PHP and jQuery"200x200
    Jason Lengstorf was nice enough to offer our community a handful of copies of his latest awesome book, Pro PHP and jQuery. Be sure to read his latest Nettuts+ tutorial, "Object-Oriented PHP for Beginners," based on his book. Read More…
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    Sencha Touch: The HTML5 Mobile App FrameworkSenchatouch preview
    Developing a mobile application requires many decisions to be made before the first line of code is even written. For instance, should you go with a web app or a native app? If so, should you use a framework? There is no incorrect answer to either of these questions-it depends on the situation. Today we are going to talk about a specific solution to these questions: Sencha Touch. Read More…
  • ActionScript
    Validating Various Input Data in FlashIntro image
    Today, almost everything on the web is based on user input. A contact form, a user registration form, a search box and so on. As a developer you can't just rely on the user to write everything as it's supposed to be. To be sure you always get the correct data from your users you will need to validate the input. Read on to find out how..Read More…
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Design PatternsDppreview
    Ever wondered what design patterns are? In this article, I'll explain why design patterns are important, and will provide some examples, in PHP, of when and why they should be used.Read More…
  • Applications
    Build a Chatroom with Flash, Adobe AIR and PHPCode
    "The primary use of a chat room is to share information via text with a group of other users." - Wikipedia. During this Premium tutorial, I'll show you how to create a chatroom using Flash, AIR, PHP, MySQL and XML.Read More…
  • iOS SDK
    iPhone SDK: Learning About Touch Events & Basic Game AnimationPreview
    One of most common actions used for an iPhone or iPad application is the touch event. An event is not useful if it doesn’t trigger a meaningful action. This tutorial covers how to attach a touch event to a custom button and how to trigger the animation of an object. In the end, the result is a simple on-screen game controller, which can be extended to the limits of your imagination.Read More…
  • Android SDK
    Common Android Virtual Device ConfigurationsAndroid virtual device preview
    Android developers must target a variety of different Android devices in order to reach the greatest number of users. By properly configuring the Android Emulator to mimic the behavior of different devices, developers can save valuable time and money on testing and identify incompatibilities. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create Android Virtual Device (AVD) configurations for a variety of popular Android devices on the market today.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    Inspiration: The Top 36 Musician Web DesignsPreview
    Musician websites have a bad name for themselves. They are often behind the times, either poorly designed or poorly coded - or both. It's not all blue and gloomy though; there are a bunch of fantastic band and musician web designs out there - thirty-six of which can be found below. From textured designs, including Paolo Nutini and Rocket Club, to simplistic and minimalistic design, including Jamie Cullum and Jennifer Lopez, these designs cover the spectrum.Read More…