• News
    Free "Aurelius" Website Template200x200
    We have a free static website template to give away today, built by Matt Corner. This theme is called "Aurelius," and hosts a variety of nice features. If you happen to be in need of a starting point for your next website, feel free to use this one how you wish! Read More…
  • Workflow
    Tailor Your Flash Workspace by Creating Custom PanelsPreview
    In my last tut: Create New Features for Flash with JSFL we created new commands for Flash. Now we're going to take things further by creating entirely new panels within the Flash authoring environment.Read More…
  • Web Development
    How jQuery Beginners can Test and Improve their Code200x200
    jQuery's arrival has made the process writing JavaScript laughably easy. But, you'll notice that making small changes to your code improves the readability and/or performance significantly. Here are some tips to get you on your way to optimizing your code.Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Tip: First Look at Adobe Media Encoder CS5Preview
    Let's take a look at Adobe's new Media Encoder which comes bundled with Flash CS5. A couple of interesting changes have been made to it and you really should be aware of them, so let's get started..Read More…
    How to Build a Simple Twitter Widget with ASP.NET200x200
    In this tutorial, I'll be walking you through how to a write a Twitter widget for ASP.NET in the form of a reusable server control complete with nice things such as automatically turning URLs into links, and caching to speed up page load times. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Working with Advanced 3D CSSCode
    CSS is capable of so much more than browsers can currently handle, namely when it comes to working in 3D spaces. In this week’s premium video tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to work with CSS transitions, animations, and specifically how to work with Webkit’s CSS 3D capabilities.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    Creating Flash Components for DistributionPreview new
    During this tutorial I will explain how to create a FLA-based User Interface (UI) component. Like the components that come with Flash, it will be visible on the stage, the preview then automatically updating as you change its parameters. This specific example is a circular progress bar.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    Color Inspiration: Awesome Red WebsitesPreview
    Red is a very powerful and strong color. It's associated with a variety of things, from courage and bravery to warnings and danger. It's also, of course, strongly tied to love and passion. It's a popular color in website design, though, due to its boldness, is most commonly used as an accent color. With that said, there's no reason why it can't take on a more prominent role in a website's overall design, as demonstrated in these twenty-five awesome red websites.Read More…
  • PHP
    Quick Tip: Loop Through Folders with PHP's Glob()Preview
    Are you still using opendir() to loop through folders in PHP? Doesn't that require a lot of repetitive code everytime you want to search a folder? Luckily, PHP's glob() is a much smarter solution.Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Tip: A Guide to Cross Domain Policy FilesPreview
    Every Flash or Flex developer who has had to access remote resources has come across a crossdomain.xml policy file at some point. This article takes a look at what these policy files are, how they work and how you can create one for yourself.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Quick Tip: Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons?200x200
    The evolution of Internet technologies never ceases to amaze. Seemingly daily, new concepts and techniques are being thought up by creative and talented people. With modern browsers being adopted at a greater rate, systems like CSS3 are becoming more and more viable for use on projects of all sizes. Clearly, this can be seen by looking at new services sprouting on-line like TypeKit. Conceptually, if we deconstruct a font down to it's basic elements, we can make use of this technology for things other than type, icons.Read More…
    A jQuery UI and .Net Image Organizer200x200
    Over the course of this tutorial we'll look at how to create a simple image organizer that lets users reorder a series of images; this functionality could be useful on any kind of image-based site where users have a collection of images that they have uploaded or otherwise added to their profile or account. We'll use .net to retrieve and store the order of images in a SQL database on the server, and jQuery UI to handle the reordering of the images on the client.Read More…