• PHP
    Everything You Need to Get Started With MySQL200x200
    Developing web applications using a static data store where data must be updated, stored and manipulated frequently can be a cumbersome task. However this article will introduce you to the world of relational databases allowing you to maximise your data's potential.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Fantastic AJAX Newsletter ModulePreview 200x200
    This free app should be great for any newsletter management needs. Copy this one file onto your site, and you're ready to send and archive all newsletters, manage e-mail addresses and categories, and configure a template for your e-mails. If needed, the source code is well documented! Read More…
  • Web Development
    What You Must Know About jQuery UI 1.7200x200
    This morning, the jQuery UI team announced that the latest version of the library, 1.7, is now available for download. Let's take a look at some of the new features and enhancements; they're quite substantial! Read More…
  • Web Development
    Let’s Design a Shopify ThemeShopfiy   nl
    Themeforest recently opened a new section where you can buy or sell themes for Shopify! Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution that makes it easy to get started with an online business. You can have a shop up and running in minutes. To kick-start ThemeForest's Shopify catalog, the authors of each accepted template will receive a $100 bonus - until there are ten templates in the category. Read More…
  • Icons
    2500+ Free Icons200x200
    The folks over at IconPot were nice enough to compile a huge list of commercially free to use icons for your projects. Whether you're designing for a client, or for a template on, you won't run into licensing issues with any of these icons! Use them. Read More…
  • News
    How I Can Code Twice As Fast As You200x200
    We're all familiar with text expander programs; though I would surmise that the percentage of us who use them when coding is quite low. To change things up a bit, today I'm going to you how to create custom text-expander scripts that will save you a great deal of time. If you're unfamiliar with such programs, you must watch this! After reviewing the screencast and tutorial, I'd love to hear how you save time when developing. Read More…
  • PHP
    Using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification with PHP200x200
    Hi there! Today we are going to combine Paypal with PHP to allow for the easy processing of payments on your website.Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Creating an Incredible jQuery CalculatorCode
    Sure is nice to have a letter opener right next to your mail basket, a shoehorn next to your loafers, and a flashlight by your nightstand. Likewise, it's nice to have a calculator handy when you need to perform some math. This tutorial and download shows you how to put one right on any website.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    10 Reasons Why Your Code Won't Validate (and How to Fix it)600px green tick.svg
    W3C validation isn't very forgiving at times, but it allows you to see errors that are generated by your markup. Lots of errors and warnings thrown by the validator are a good indicator that your XHTML isn't in very good shape, and might not look consistent across different browsers. Here are 10 sneaky validation problems that trip developers up, and how to avoid them.Read More…
  • Contests
    Free Copies of Learning jQuery 1.3200x200
    Generously, the folks over at Packt Publishing were nice enough to send me some copies of the recently released Learning jQuery 1.3, by Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer. I just finished reading it this past weekend. It's fantastic, and should be on your bookshelf! Read More…
  • Web Development
    Enhancing Your Ubuntu Server200x200
    A few weeks ago, I showed you how to setup your very own linux server. Now, I'm going to show you how to add even more functionality. Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    The Most Incredibly Outstanding Site TemplatesNew year competition
    From January 1-31, ThemeForest hosted a fierce site template competition. Our authors competed against one another to win $300 - as well as some helpful promotion. After much thought and deliberation, the winners were selected early in February! Trust me when I say that this wasn't an easy task - by any means! So without further ado, here are the best ten site templates from our "$3000 New Year Competition", in no particular order. I hope more of you will consider entering our upcoming ThemeForest competitions. Be sure to check the site regularly, as we host a new one each month! Read More…