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    15 Wildly Convenient CSS Items from CodeCanyon200x200
    In addition to Premium WordPress Plugin, we, over at CodeCanyon, also recently launched a CSS category, specifically made for high quality, and super convenient items, such as three-level menus, CSS tabs, pricing grids, frameworks, etc. I'd like to show you a quick sampling of the best of what we have so far, after a couple weeks. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Flexible, Mobile-First Layouts with CSS3Preview
    Some experts are projecting mobile devices to become the dominant medium for web browsing within five years, overtaking browsing on desktop computers. Regardless of how accurate this projection turns out to be, it is clear that formatting websites for mobile-friendly viewing needs to become a staple of web design and development. There are many ways to accomplish this, of course. However, CSS3 provides a fairly rich toolset for mobile-friendly formatting, relying on the client's browser capabilities instead of back-end templating.Read More…
  • Android SDK
    Android SDK: Embed a WebView with the WebKit EngineAndroid webview webkit code preview
    This quick tip will demonstrate how you can embed an Android WebView in your application with the the WebKit engine. You will learn how to both load an external URL and render custom markup that you supply in-app.Read More…
  • Effects
    Replicate an Active Camouflage Effect with FlashPreview
    Active camouflage is a sci-fi concept, usually seen in the form of a suit that allows the wearer to become almost invisible. It can be seen in movies such as Predator and Die Another Day, and games like Halo and Crysis.Read More…
  • iOS SDK
    iPhone SDK: Install Apps on iPhone Devices for DevelopmentInstall apps on iphone preview
    This tutorial will teach beginning iOS SDK users how to install apps on their iPhone OS hardware for testing and development. Read More…
  • WordPress
    How to Integrate an Options Page into your WordPress ThemePreview
    Creating themes to give away or sell is great, but not everyone who uses your theme will have a solid understanding of HTML/CSS. Providing your theme with an options page makes it easier for non-technical users to make theme changes without getting their hands dirty with code. I'll show you how to make one from scratch! Read More…
  • Effects
    Introduction to QuickBox2D: Part 2Preview
    This is the second part in a three part tutorial series about QuickBox2D. It's recommended that you read each part of this series in order. So if you haven't read part one, you should do so now. You can check it out here. Read More…
  • iOS SDK
    iPhone SDK: Playing Video with the MediaPlayer FrameworkIos mediaplayer preview
    This iPhone SDK tutorial will introduce you to the Media Player framework and the MPMoviePlayerController class. You will learn how to play videos in your iPhone applications, subscribe to notifications with NSNotificationCenter, and log messages to the console. Along the way, you will hunt down and plug a memory leak and watch the Apollo 11 crew land on the moon. Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Quick Tip: You Need to Check out LESS.jsCode
    You might be familiar with such services as LESS and Sass. They allow for far more flexibility when creating your stylesheets, including the use of variables, operators, mix-ins, even nested selectors. However, because LESS was originally built with Ruby, a lot of PHP developers, despite the fact that there are PHP versions available, never used it.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    Bringing the Magazine to the WebPostimg
    The rise of blogs on the web has brought a quick and easy way for anyone to publish their thoughts online without having to get down and dirty with HTML. Just write your content, hit 'Publish,' and your thoughts are instantly available for the masses to read.Read More…
  • Design
    Tackling Rich Media for Tablets with Adobe CS5: Part 2Preview
    In the previous article I walked you through how one uses a variety of applications to create the assets for an interactive magazine and then the process of adding media, motion and interactivity to those assets in InDesign CS5. This article will focus on the end game - outputting the project for delivery through a web page or sending the project to Flash for more work and output to a SWF or even an AIR app.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    10 Awesome New Premium WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon200x200
    As part of our massive CodeCanyon push this year, I'm pleased to announce that we've launched not one, but two awesome new categories. The new CSS category features everything from incredible pricing charts, to buttons, to entire frameworks; while the WordPress plugins category is quickly on its way to becoming the premier location for purchasing premium plugins on the web. In fact, I'm betting that we'll be there by the end of the year! Today, I'd like to show you the first ten new premium WP plugins available on CodeCanyon. Read More…