• Workflow
    Quick Tip: Working With the FXG Format in Flash CS5Preview
    I'm here to talk to you about the new FXG format that's being introduced with Flash CS5. This format allows you to create objects on the Flash stage, export them out to applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Catalyst etc. and work on them there.Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Tip: Using Google App Engine as a Proxy ServerPreview
    Google App Engine can be used as a free and convenient way around restrictive or missing cross domain policy files. This tutorial will show you how to create a GAE proxy that provides access to restricted resources for your Flash application.Read More…
  • Plugins
    Build a WordPress Plugin to Add Author Biographies to Your Posts200x200
    Many popular blogs these days are authored by multiple contributors. Today, we'll create a simple WordPress plugin that will allow us to add the post author's biography to the conclusion of each post, much like you see on Nettuts.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Building a 5 Star Rating System with jQuery, AJAX and PHPPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a rating system with AJAX, PHP, and jQuery. Votes will be recorded and updated in real-time with the magic of AJAX, and we'll also leverage the power of PHP so that you don't even need a database!Read More…
  • WordPress
    Quick Tip: A 4 Minute Crash-Course in WordPress Custom Fields200x200
    Today's Basix video quick tip topic comes from a question on Twitter, concerning the use of custom fields in WordPress. Luckily, as you'll find, attaching unique data to postings is as simple as assigning a value in the "Edit Post" page, and then referencing that information with the get_post_meta() method. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Creating a CMS Website with SiteGrinder and Pagelime200x200
    In this tutorial, you will learn how to take a Photoshop file, and convert it to a valid, jQuery enabled, Pagelime CMS integrated website, ready to hand off to your clients with no coding, using Photoshop, SiteGrinder 3 and Pagelime.Read More…
  • Mobile Development
    Titanium - Free & Open-source Cross-platform Development ToolTitanium prev
    Titanium by Appcelerator is one of the best cross-platform solutions for iPhone, iPad and Android development. We'll be publishing detailed tutorials on how to use Titanium, so make sure to download your copy now. From the website: "You’ve got the ideas, now you’ve got the power. Titanium translates your hard won web skills into native applications that perform and look just like they were written in Objective-C [iPhone] or Java [Android]. With over 300 APIs, a thriving developer community6, and the support you need, you can build applications that are more social, local, media rich, interactive, and extensible."Read More…
  • Flash
    Exclusive Freebie: Personalized 3D Interactive Beach BallPreview
    It's time for another Exclusive Freebie; this time AerisT offers a flavor of summer to Activetuts+ readers. Add your own custom beach party logo to this 3D interactive beach ball! The file uses the open-source Papervision3D engine and loads images via XML.Read More…
  • News
    Tell Us What You Want!Brainstorm
    Mobiletuts+ is a brand new site, meaning now is the best time to have your say on what you’d like to see. Whether you’re dying for a tutorial on a particular topic or have a suggestion for how you think the site should operate, you can share your ideas with the editorial team here.Read More…
  • WordPress
    Quick Tip: "Popular Posts By Comment Count" SQL Query in WordPress200x200
    You might have noticed that the Tuts+ sites have a section on the home page where we list the most popular posts of the month, according to comment count. While there are numerous plugins available, it's always best to write the code yourself if you can. Too much abstraction is never a good thing! Luckily, once we learn how to query WordPress' database, tasks like this become a cinch! Read More…
  • Books
    Winners Announced: Free Copies of "jQuery: Novice to Ninja"200x200
    A few weeks ago, the amazing guys at SitePoint sent me a handful of copies of their latest book, "jQuery: Novice to Ninja," to give away to our community. As their first book to focus specifically on jQuery, the final product is a resounding success, covering the absolute basics up to building your own plugins. The writers, Earle Castledine and Craig Sharkie have really done a great job simplifying as much as possible so that even the absolute beginners can immediately dive into working in jQuery. Read More…
  • News
    We Need an Awesome Weekly Writer16
    It's that time again; I'm in need of a kick-ass - and consistent - author to help out on Nettuts once per week. Your duties will be to write an in-depth tutorial or article each week on anything ranging from PHP to JavaScript to CSS. Your pay will begin at $200 per article, resulting in roughly $800 per month. However, if you do a great job, you'll also be invited to write a Premium tutorial every month, which would increase your pay to around $1100 - $1200 each month. Not bad for a once a week gig! When I make these kinds of posts, I receive far too many one-sentence emails that don't help. This time, to apply (and note that not many people do), I need you to email me with a few sentences about yourself, and a link to something that you've written on the web. It can be a link to your blog, or even a tutorial you've written for another web development tutorial site. If this is not included, your email will be deleted. Please email with this information. Thanks, everyone! Read More…