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  • General
    What You Must Know About the New Safari 4 Beta200x200
    Apple released Safari 4 Beta last Tuesday, for both Mac and Windows users. The updated browser received a UI update, many major improvements under the hood, and plenty of new features to play with. The new browser passes the ACID2 and ACID3 tests with a score of 100, and contains a few next-generation technologies that web developers will love, once we can take advantage of them. Let's take a look at what's new. Read More…
  • PHP
    Create a Slick Flickr Gallery with SimplePie200x200
    I've wanted to write a tutorial for quite some time now, and APIs have always been a particular interest of mine. So with my wife's recent foray into photography, I decided a Flickr tutorial would be first cab off the rank! Using RSS, Flickr and jQuery all together was pretty fun too.Read More…
  • JavaScript
    How to Code a Fun To-Do List With PHP and AJAXCode
    For this week's Tuts+ Premium tutorial, we'll be working with many different technologies. Ultimately, we'll be building a to-do list that will allow you, or your user, to create, update, and delete items asynchronously. To accomplish our task, we'll be using PHP and jQuery's AJAX capabilities. I think you'll find that it's not quite as hard as you might initially think. I'll show you exactly how!Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    Top 50 Wordpress TutorialsWp preview
    As a web developer, you can broaden your potential client base and add value for existing clients by listing 'Wordpress' as an area of expertise. Of course, unless you want to bluff your way through jobs, you'd better have the skill to back-up that claim. This collection will help.Read More…
  • PHP
    Asynchronous Comments with PHP, jQuery, and JSON200x200
    In this article, we’re going to look at how we create a simple but effective means of capturing and displaying visitor comments using a blend of jQuery, PHP and JSON. In the public forum that is the blogosphere, the ability to capture and display visitor comments on your blogs can give you instant feedback and opinions from the people that matter most – those that read your blog. Read More…
  • Web Development
    JavaScript and the DOM Series: Lesson 1200x200
    Hello and welcome to the first part of what will hopefully be an extensive series covering core aspects of the JavaScript programming language and the DOM API. While frameworks such as jQuery, Prototype and MooTools are great ways of suppressing browser bugs and speeding up development, it's important to know and understand the underlying technologies. This series intends to tell you what you need to know about JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). Even if you swear by a particular library this will still benefit you - knowing how something works under the skin can only be a good thing!Read More…
  • News
    You Still Can't Create a jQuery Plugin?200x200
    It's tough. You read tutorial after tutorial, but they all assume that you know more than you actually do. By the time you're finished, you're left feeling more confused than you initially were. Why did he create an empty object? What does it mean when you pass "options" as a parameter? What do "defaultsettings" actually do? Never fear; I'm going to show you exactly how to build your own "tooltip" plugin, at the request of one of our loyal readers. Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Build an Advanced “Poll” jQuery PluginCode
    In this tutorial we’re going to be creating a jQuery plugin from start to finish; this plugin will allow us (or other developers) to easily add a simple poll widget to a web page or blog. By poll widget, I mean an area in which a question is posed which visitors are encouraged to answer. Once they have answered the question the results of the poll will then be displayed.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Chatting With Chris CoyierChristhumbnail
    Many of us here at Nettuts+ are big fans of Chris Coyier and his work on Throughout the years Chris has published many tutorials, websites, and scripts to help designers and developers improve their skills. Today, we will sit down with the man behind these articles, and chat with him about CSS, design, and life in the town of Portland.Read More…
  • Web Development
    How to Create Your First Joomla Template200x200
    In this tutorial , you will learn about the basics of a Joomla template, and create one from scratch. We will quickly go through installing a local server and Joomla itself, and then create a basic functioning template.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    5 Ways to Instantly Write Better CSSCss
    Sure, anyone can write CSS. Even programs are doing it for you now. But is the CSS any good? Here are 5 tips to start improving yours.Read More…
  • News
    Building the imgPreview jQuery Plugin200x200
    Today, we'll be featuring the winner of our "Screencast Competition". Created by James Padolsey, this video tutorial will demonstrate how to build a relatively advanced jQuery plugin from scratch. A big congratulations goes out to James. He'll be receiving $200 cash, a 1 year subscription to TUTS+, and $100 worth of credit at our Envato marketplaces. Read More…