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  • OpenStack

    OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook - Third Edition

    Packt Publishing436 Pages
    Over 110 effective recipes to help you build and operate OpenStack cloud computing, storage, networking, and automation
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  • Cross-Platform

    Cross-platform UI Development with Xamarin.Forms

    Packt Publishing330 Pages
    Create a fully operating application and deploy it to major mobile platforms using Xamarin.Forms
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  • Arduino

    Arduino Computer Vision Programming

    Packt Publishing222 Pages
    Design and develop real-world computer vision applications with the powerful combination of OpenCV and Arduino
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  • Ansible

    Ansible Playbook Essentials

    Packt Publishing168 Pages
    If you are a systems or automation engineer who intends to automate common infrastructure tasks, deploy applications, and use orchestration to configure systems in a co-ordinated manner, then this book is for you. Some understanding of the Linux/UNIX command line interface is expected.
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  • AWS S3

    Amazon S3 Cookbook

    Packt Publishing280 Pages
    Over 30 hands-on recipes that will get you up and running with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) efficiently
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  • HTML5

    Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 - Second Edition

    Packt Publishing312 Pages
    Learn the HTML5 and CSS3 you need to help you design responsive and future-proof websites that meet the demands of modern web users
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  • Puppet

    Learning Puppet

    Packt Publishing304 Pages
    If you are new to configuration management and IT automation processes and are looking for better ways to manage system configuration changes at scale, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Linux System Administration is a prerequisite.
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  • Phalcon

    Learning Phalcon PHP

    Packt Publishing328 Pages
    If you are a web developer and want to build effective web applications with Phalcon PHP, then this book is ideal for you. The book does not assume detailed knowledge of PHP frameworks.
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  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning with R - Second Edition

    Packt Publishing452 Pages
    Perhaps you already know a bit about machine learning but have never used R, or perhaps you know a little R but are new to machine learning. In either case, this book will get you up and running quickly. It would be helpful to have a bit of familiarity with basic programming concepts, but no prior experience is required.
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  • Swift

    Game Development with Swift

    Packt Publishing224 Pages
    If you wish to create and publish fun iOS games using Swift, then this book is for you. You should be familiar with basic programming concepts. However, no prior game development or Apple ecosystem experience is required.
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  • Laravel

    Mastering Laravel

    Packt Publishing232 Pages
    If you are an experienced or a capable PHP programmer who has a basic understanding of the concepts of modern PHP (at least version 5.4), this book is ideal for you.
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  • Android Wear

    Android Wearable Programming

    Packt Publishing224 Pages
    If you are an Android developer who wants to learn how to build applications for the Android Wear platform, then this is the book for you. This book only requires a basic knowledge of Android programming. Familiarity with development IDEs such as Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, or Eclipse will be helpful.
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  • Ionic

    Learning Ionic

    Packt Publishing388 Pages
    This book is intended for those who want to learn how to build hybrid mobile applications using Ionic. It is also ideal for people who want to explore theming for Ionic apps. Prior knowledge of AngularJS is essential to complete this book successfully.
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  • Data Mining

    Learning Data Mining with Python

    Packt Publishing344 Pages
    If you are a programmer who wants to get started with data mining, then this book is for you.
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  • JavaScript

    Mastering JavaScript Promises

    Packt Publishing188 Pages
    This book is for all the software and web engineers wanting to apply the promises paradigm to their next project and get the best outcome from it. This book also acts as a reference for the engineers who are already using promises in their projects and want to improve their current knowledge to reach the next level. To get the most benefit from this book, you should know basic programming concepts, have a familiarity with JavaScript, and a good understanding of HTML.
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