jQuery UI 301: The Widget Factory


Here we are, at the final installment in our jQuery UI trilogy. In this, the 301 level, we take a detailed look at the widget factory; a base class of almost all of the widgets in the framework, as well as the methods for us to build our own. For this, Dan Wellman will walk you through building a custom calculator plugin within the framework provided by the widget class. Now get ready to have some fun!

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Dan Wellman is an author and front-end engineer. By day he wrangles JavaScript for Skype in London, and by night he writes books and tutorials about web-development, and produces screencast courses for Tuts+ Premium. Prior to this, Dan spent six years working as a front-end developer for two small digital agencies in his home town of Southampton, where he honed his skills from developer hobbyist to respected professional. For over ten years Dan has written for numerous websites such as Dev Shed, DMX Zone, Developer Drive, and of course Nettuts, and also several magazines including; PSD Magazine and .Net. He has so far had 7 books published. Somewhere between commuting, coding and writing, Dan is also a grateful husband and the proud father of four wonderful children. Occasionally he enjoys playing tennis badly, amateur boxing, riding mountain bikes around forests, or just spending time with family and friends. He also loves strong coffee, single-malt whisky, and having a moan on Twitter.
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