Building NPM Packages


In this course we're going to build a JavaScript library to publish via the Node Package Manager (NPM). As we go through the process of building the library, you'll learn all about good principles and best practices to follow when writing a JavaScript library. Ready to get started?

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Hi! I'm Andrew Burgess, a Staff Writer here on Tuts+. I've been hanging around the Tuts+ since early 2009; I discovered the site when I was looking for an introduction to jQuery. Since discovering the site, my web development skills have skyrocketed; I think that's the default experience! Now, I've been writing for Tuts+ regularly since late 2009. I've been working with the computers since I was pretty young, and with the web since 2006. I've dabbled with over a dozen programming languages, but I'm most comfortable in JavaScript and Ruby. Currently, I'm a university student, studying computer science.
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