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YUI Library

  • Tools & Tips
    Documenting JavaScript with YUIDocYuidoc
    Documenting your code is somewhat like testing; we all know we should do it, we’re not really sure how, and most folks, if we're honest, simply don’t, but those who do are huge proponents of it. This tutorial will get you up to speed on one of the best ways to tackle it: YUIDoc.Read More…
  • General
    10 Things I Learned While Interning at YUIPreview
    For eight months, I had the opportunity to intern with the YUI Team at Yahoo, while I was completing my engineering degree. Today, I'd like to share the top ten things that I learned from my experience with YUI.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Create a Scalable Widget Using YUI3: Part 4Yahoo
    Welcome to the last part in the YUI3 widget tutorial; although we’ve actually finished building the widget, we're going to look at how easy it is to add extra functionality to a widget without having to re-write it. Let's get started right away!Read More…
  • Web Development
    Create a Scalable Widget Using YUI3: Part 3 Yahoo
    In the last part of this series, we looked at the life-cycle methods, automatic methods and the custom methods that our widget requires or can make use of. In this part, we're going to finish defining the widget's class by adding the attribute change-handling methods that we attached in the bindUI() life-cycle method. Let's get started right away!Read More…
  • Web Development
    Create a Scalable Widget Using YUI3: Part 2Yahoo
    In part one of this series, we reviewed some of the necessary constructs to use when creating a widget with YUI3. We looked at the static properties we needed to set, the class constructor and namespacing, and briefly looked at the extend() method. In this part of the tutorial, we'll review the prototype methods we can override or create in order to make our widget function. Read More…
  • Web Development
    Create a Scalable Widget Using YUI3: Part 1Yahoo
    In this tutorial, we're going to look at how easy it is to create scalable, robust and portable widgets using the latest version of the Yahoo User Interface library. YUI3 provides a Widget class for us to extend in order to create widgets in a consistent way that leverage the power of the library. The widget that we'll create today is a Twitter search client that will query Twitter's search API and consume the JSON response in order to display tweets that contain the configured search term. We can also add additional functionality such as allowing the visitor to choose another term and do a new search, and viewing paged results. Join me after the jump!Read More…
  • Lectures
    2010 Through the Lens of YUI TheaterCrockford preview
    YUI Theater is a project from the YUI team at Yahoo!, dedicated to creating a free video library for frontend engineering. In 2010, dozens of the discipline's top thinkers and engineers were featured, touching on key themes: JavaScript's evolution, HTML5, CSS3, mobile, Node.js, and much more. This article looks back on 2010 through the lens of YUI Theater.Read More…
  • Web Development
    An Introduction to YUIIntro to yui retina preview
    With jQuery dominating the JavaScript framework landscape, many newcomers aren't exposed to other JavaScript frameworks. The truth is that there are a plethora of excellent JavaScript frameworks available, like MooTools, Prototype, Ext JS, and...YUI! While not as well known as some of the other libraries, YUI provides a wealth of tools for the web developer. Today, we're going to take a quick tour of some of its features. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Crash Course: YUI Grids CSSYuigrids
    The Yahoo User Interface Library is a rather extensive set of JavaScript tools for developers. Often left unnoticed are a few other useful components of the library that will speed up your coding: some CSS libraries. Today, I'd like to give you a tour of the YUI Grids CSS library.Read More…