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  • Cheat Sheets
    WordPress Cheat Sheets: Theme Anatomy ModelWordpress cheat sheet themeanatomy
    Next in line for our WordPress Cheat Sheet series, The Basic WordPress Theme Anatomy Model! If you haven't seen the first posts in this series, this is a new batch of these quick pocket guides that you guys n' gals can download, save to your phones for a fast reference, or even print out and keep next to your desk while you're working on customizing WordPress to do your bidding.Read More…
  • Contests
    Fantastic Prizes Up for Grabs in the Tuts+ Survey!Survey preview
    We love the community of readers we have at Tuts+ and your opinion is incredibly valuable. This week, we're giving you the chance to have your say about Tuts+, and win a few fantastic prizes at the same time! Read on to find out how to get involved and stand a chance of winning a copy of Adobe Creative Suite... Survey Now Closed — Thank you to everyone who entered!Read More…
  • Theme Development
    WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels: Day OneWp training wheels alt
    Ready to learn how to make your first WordPress theme? This tutorial series will take a step by step approach, making use of a "learning theme" affectionately known as WordPress Training Wheels, to help teach the subject. This series will take the absolute WordPress newbie through the basic steps necessary to convert any HTML template into a fully functional WordPress theme. Read More…
  • Posts
    Attaching Files To Your Posts Using WordPress Custom Meta Boxes, Part 2Preview
    In the first post, we took a look at how to attach a file - specifically, a PDF - to WordPress posts and pages without having to use a plugin or third-party solution. At this point, you can only upload files - there's no way to actually deactivate the link or delete the link to the file once it has been uploaded. In this post, we'll take a look at how to provide some slightly better styling for the download link and how to extend the custom meta box functionality by allowing users to delete files after they've downloaded them.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Customizing And Styling The Password Protected FormPreview
    Recently I had a client want one of their WordPress pages protected, no problem! Then he came back and said, can you change the text and make it look better? Hmm... Sure! Here's how to...Read More…
  • Plugins
    Changing the Fonts of Your WordPress Site - Part 1: Using a PluginType
    WordPress continually proves itself time time and again that it has very few limitations, and is rapidly pushing itself to being, if not the best, but certainly the most versatile CMS available. Out of the box it is certainly not perfect, but you can change it however you want. In this tutorial, we will go over how to change the fonts of your theme using a plugin. You can use either Google Web Fonts our your own custom fonts.Read More…
  • WordPress
    The Magic of WordPress Custom Post TypesCode
    In this in depth video tutorial, I'll teach you how to use custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes to extend your WordPress application into CMS-like territory.Read More…
  • News
    WordPress 3.3 is On the Horizon! Beta 2 Release NotesWordpress 3.3 update
    WordPress is evolving quite faster than ever, and every update gets all excited (especially those who make a living on it). WordPress has released it's 3.3, Beta 2 version just 2 days ago for testing. This update is focused on more improvements, refining and making things faster and better. Today, we're going to round up what's coming in the next big version.Read More…
  • Plugins
    Add the WordPress RSS Feed Anywhere In Your ThemeRss icon
    If you're looking for a way to display RSS feeds anywhere on your site and you're using WordPress then you'll be happy to hear about this trick. You know about the WordPress RSS widget... but what if displaying a feed in the sidebar is not enough. This tutorial will show you how to take an RSS feed and put it anywhere in your theme, including a page or post template. This is a great solution for you folks out there using RSS feed generators (say goodbye to small footer credits) or plugins (say hello to a faster website)!Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    Quick Tip! 9 Handy WordPress Code Snippets (That You Really Should Know!)Preview
    Here are some short but handy code snippets that may make your life as a WordPress developer a little easier. We'll cover a little bit of everything, from how to automatically delete posts, how to quickly dish out a post thumbnail, to how to redirect users once they've logged in. Open up your text-replacement program and get ready to add a few new shortcuts!Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    "Getting" The Latest WordPress Installation From The Command LinePutty picture
    There are several ways to install WordPress, I have found that installing it via the command line is fast and efficient. Don't worry, it's easy! This is not an exhaustive tutorial on the command line, but simply how to copy the WordPress code on your server without downloading it to your computer. Read More…
  • Plugins
    Getting Started with the WordPress Transient API, Part 2Preview
    In the first post in this series, we took defined what the API is, how it differs form the settings API, and some of the general calls that we can make to the API. In this post, we'll be taking a look at a practical implementation of the API and how to handle some idiosyncrasies that come with dealing with expired data.Read More…