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    How to Generate Website Screenshots For Your WordPress SitePreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn an open secret: how to generate screenshots of websites to use in your WordPress posts using a service provided by We'll even turn this into an easy-to-use shortcode to display the screenshots... let's get started!Read More…
  • Plugins
    How To Internationalize WordPress Themes and Plugins Preview
    In 5 Cardinal Sins of WordPress Theme Development, we briefly spoke about the significance of internationalizing themes and plugins but we didn't actually discuss how to do it. If you're in the commercial theme or plugin space, then it's almost expected that your work will support multiple languages. In the this article, we'll take a look at understanding what internationalization really is, why it's important, and what steps are necessary to internationalize your project. Read More…
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    DIY WordPress Framework Part 3: Using the Framework as a Child ThemeDiy wordpress framework
    In the last installment of this series, we created our theme framework, which amounts to a fairly simple boilerplate, where we added some functionality that we commonly use. There are 2 ways that we can use our framework now: as a child theme and as a true boilerplate that we just copy and edit. Today we're going to use our framework as a child theme.Read More…
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    Top WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon: November EditionCodecanyon
    WordPress is a powerful content management system, and the vast array of plugins available certainly helps. CodeCanyon has long been a great place to find top WordPress plugins. From content and security to galleries and sliders, there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular WordPress plugins available at CodeCanyon.Read More…
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    5 Cardinal Sins of WordPress Theme Development5sins
    We talk alot on this site about tips and tricks for getting what you want out of WordPress... but today we're going to take a step back from the technical stuff to look at some practices, bad habits, and coding faux pas that would be better left in our past. So, forgive the heavy-handed post title (haha!), we're about talk bring up 5 surprisingly common practices that are blemishes on the platform.Read More…
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    Create a "Mashable-Inspired" Sidebar Social Widget for WordPressPreview
    I've had a lot of requests lately to share a tutorial on how I created the sidebar widget on my personal blog. It looks nice and most important, it works! With some simple PHP and CSS, I'm sure everybody can implement this on their blogs easily. Today I'm going to show you how to create mine... in hopes that you'll be able to create your own custom version for your own projects!Read More…
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    PHP for WordPress: Mastering Conditional Statements and TagsPhp4wp
    The conditional statements feature is an extremely useful and powerful feature in WordPress; still it remains unused in the development process. You can achieve many things by the simple and smart use of these statements. Sometimes when you need specific text or a unique image to appear on a specific page and not on any other pages in your site, by using conditional statements along with WordPress conditional tags you can achieve this easily without creating multiple pages or templates.Read More…
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    Create Your Own Custom Twitter Plugin for WordPressTwitter thumb
    You just published an amazing post on your WordPress blog and would like to tell everybody about that. Do you have a Twitter account? Then let's develop a plugin which whenever you save a new post on WordPress automatically tweets, letting all your followers know that they can find something new on your blog. Let's get started! Read More…
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    DIY WordPress Framework Part 2: Creating the ThemeDiy wordpress framework
    When I last left you, we had looked at some design principles, explored other frameworks, and came to the inevitable conclusion that we'd build our own. In this tutorial, we're going to cover the steps I took to create what I called my WordPress Boilerplate, taking a close look at the CSS, functions.php, and select template pages.Read More…
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    WordPress Monthly News: November 2011News preview
    For some, WordPress is a livelihood whereas, for others, it's just for fun. Nonetheless, anyone involved with WordPress needs to stay on track with the latest developments in the blogging world. This is our monthly article covering the latest developments in the WordPress world from news to the latest new kick-ass themes on our marketplaces.Read More…
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    The Ins and Outs of The Enqueue Script For WordPress Themes and PluginsIml ami wp tuts
    The wp_enqueue_script function is the best solution for loading JavaScript files into your WordPress site. If you're developing a theme that uses JavaScript or JavaScript Libraries, the wp_enqueue_script function is the way to go. If you haven't really used this before though, it can be confusions... so today, we'll be taking an in depth look into how to properly load scripts into your theme or plugin using the enqueue function.Read More…
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    WordPress Permalinks 101: What, How, When and Why to Use Them Thumb
    WordPress Basix Article! Most major WordPress blogs nowadays are using permalinks (otherwise known as "pretty" URLs); WordPress gives us a few great tools for setting them up quickly and easily... but what do you really know about them? That's what we'll be exploring today. WordPress offers a bunch of options to "beautify" your permalinks from the standard question mark-prefixed number to a feigned path-style URL. Read More…