• Plugins
    Mini Guide to Contact Form 7Preview image
    Usually a website needs a contact form to communicate with the site owner. One of our favorites is Contact Form 7. Let's see what it can do!Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    WordPress and PayPal: An IntroductionPreview
    For this tutorial we will go through the steps involved to integrate PayPal as your Payment Service Provider for a WordPress powered site. Working with Custom Post Types we will create a basic shopping cart and allow for payments to be taken via PayPal. Whilst the worked example is functional, you should take further steps to sanitise and store data when working with payments.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Converting WordPress to Be Mobile-FriendlyWordpress responsive
    As mobile devices become less of a luxury and more of a necessity, the bottom line is becoming obvious: your fixed-width WordPress theme needs to be responsive. Now's the time to seriously consider converting your WordPress theme to be mobile-friendly. This tutorial will show you the basic steps to make your site fluid.Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    Sharing the WordPress Love With Non-Image Media AttachmentsShare the love
    While WordPress easily displays images attached to your pages and posts (even without an attachment.php file), the other allowed media types (audio, video, document, text, archive, code, interactive) don't get the same love – save a direct link to the attachment file. But, you don't have to resort to uploading your audio, video, or other non-image media attachments elsewhere (like YouTube) in order to display them on your WordPress site. Using the default Twenty Eleven theme as an example, I'll show you WordPress' built-in functions for sharing the love with non-image media attachments.Read More…
  • WordPress
    Quick Tip: Conditional JavaScript and CSS Enqueueing on Front-End PagesPreview image
    We've read it numerous times – a good WordPress citizen only loads their JavaScript where it is needed. This practice minimizes site load times and conflicts with other scripts. However, most articles only discuss the use of wp_enqueue_script for conditional JavaScript loading in the context of the WordPress admin, plugin admin pages, or front-end pages as a whole. But what about isolating our JavaScript to a particular front-end page? We could potentially get fancy with if statements, but WordPress provides a helpful API with a filter for handling just this sort of thing without if – so let's take a look under the hood.Read More…
  • Security
    Best Practices for Preventing BuddyPress Spam User RegistrationsBuddypress lockdown
    The BuddyPress plugin turns any WordPress installation into a rich social networking site complete with forums, friend requests, and ... countless numbers of fake bot users that will comment spam you to death unless you protect your site. Although you probably installed BuddyPress to allow more engagement and interaction among your visitors in the hopes of creating a thriving community, you will soon rue the day you installed it unless you take precautions to prevent fake users.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Translating Your ThemeTranslate your theme logo
    It's very easy to turn a blind eye to other languages when developing your WordPress theme, but this is a very bad habit and immediately turns away a whole market of WordPress users and potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Out of the top 10 countries that search Google for "WordPress themes", only one is native English speaking (the USA) and that comes 9th. As of writing this, there are only 269 themes in WordPress' theme database that are tagged as translation-ready out of more than 1,500 themes. That's only 18% of the themes. I'm going to show you how to make yours one of them.Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Sidebar, Without Using a PluginDescription tutorial thumbnail 200x200
    Social media should be a critical part of your website in that you can share your website articles with your followers and interact with them through your social media channels. You should consider putting social media icons on your website so visitors can learn more about you and follow, like or friend you on these social media outlets. It is simple to add social media icons with a plugin. But this tutorial will show you how to add social media icons the customized way. Adding these icons in this way is critical if you are creating your own icons for your website. Plus, customizing your website without using a plugin is a satisfying experience!Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Adding Custom Styles in WordPress TinyMCE EditorTinymceeditorstyles
    If you are creating a WordPress theme to power a website that will be updated by individuals without any knowledge of HTML, you can add custom styles to the visual TinyMCE editor and ensure that elements are properly formatted.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API, Part 5: Tabbed Navigation For Your Settings PageWp api 5
    At this point in the series, we've taken a close look at the Settings API and what it has to offer. We've even begun creating our own theme to help demonstrate everything we've been learning. We've covered sections, fields, settings, menus, pages, and more.Read More…
  • WordPress
    Quick Tip: Paginate Your WordPress GalleryWppaginate
    You can create beautiful image galleries in WordPress using the Gallery shortcode. You can even create your own templates for implementing galleries and do a lot of things. But what if you want to split an image gallery into multiple pages? WordPress provides Pagination functions for everything but nothing for the gallery. Here you will learn how to achieve that in a very simple manner.Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    Using WordPress and Flash TogetherPreview
    Although making a website completely based on Flash is not such a good idea for a variety of reasons, that doesn't mean you must not use Flash at all. I like to think about Flash as a spice. Putting some spices here and there could improve the taste of your website making it more pleasant and interactive for your visitors. Of course, as we all know, putting too many spices in our dish can bring problems. So, Flash should be used in moderation. Let's see how this can be done.Read More…