• Plugins
    Reel 'em In: Understanding Hooks From the Inside OutHooks thumb
    The key to WordPress' flexible foundation is in its use of hooks. Be it in themes, plugins, or the core, hooks allow unparalleled growth while ensuring compatibility with future versions of WordPress. As a result, understanding them should undoubtedly be a part of any developer's repertoire. Join in as we uncover the intricacies of this simple yet sophisticated system from the inside out.Read More…
  • Plugins
    How to Create Custom WordPress Write/Meta BoxesThumbnail metaboxes
    Creating meta boxes is a crucial part of WordPress theme/plugin development. It's a way to add an appealing editor to the post screen and avoids forcing users to rely on custom fields. If you've ever created a custom post type in WordPress, you've probably wanted to add some sort of additional data to it. Sure, you could use custom fields, but that's ugly. Getting started with custom meta boxes is easy, so let's dive in!Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Quick Tip: Adding a Simple Print Stylesheet to WordPressPreview
    Adding a print stylesheet to your Wordpress site is a wise move. The environment will thank you for applying this article to your website. It's such a simple feature to implement, and most people just overlook it. I'll show you how easy it is to add a simple print stylesheet to your Wordpress site. I'm going to give you a great foundation of one you can use in your site immediately, and show you a few tips so you can take it to the next level.Read More…
  • Hosting
    Migrating WordPress Across Hosts, Servers and URLsMigrate wordpress thumbnail
    Last week we took a look at how to migrate a WordPress installation from a local server to production. Today we are going to take a beginner's approach to moving your WordPress Blog either to a new host/server or even changing it's address (url). So if you are changing your provider or just need a change in address (or even both) here is an in depth video on how to do it. If you're a developer, this video is going to be very basic, but it's a great reference for anyone who is trying out their first migration.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Create a Settings Page For Your WordPress ThemePreview
    Creating your own theme for WordPress is a great way to give your blog or other WordPress powered web site an original touch. But even the nicest looking theme is not that nice if you have to get under the hood and edit the theme's HTML or PHP code whenever it's time change some aspects of it. Especially, when it's not you but a paying customer using your theme. Luckily, creating a settings page for your theme in WordPress is not very hard, and after reading this tutorial, you will be able to create one in no time! Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Do-It-Yourself WordPress Scheduling: Mastering WP-CronWp chrom
    As one of the lesser-used WordPress features, WP-Cron often gets overlooked by developers. Its applications, however, are no laughing matter. From caching to notifications to clean up, scheduling cron jobs can work to create a distinct advantage in even the most simple WordPress blog. Join in as we explore important applications of this very system. Read More…
  • Security
    Quick Tip: Backing Up Your Blog with VaultPressVaultpress thumbnail
    As with almost every other web app, WordPress stores information in a database. There's always a chance that your data could be lost or corrupted, and it's wise to have a solid backup strategy in place. This is where VaultPress enters the scene to save the day, providing complete backup and security for your WordPress site.Read More…
  • Hosting
    Migrating a WordPress Site From a Local Server to ProductionPreview
    Integral to any WordPress developer's arsenal is the local server. In this tutorial, I want to walk you all the way from installing a local server to theming, exporting databases, and beyond.Read More…
  • News
    WordPress 3.2: What You Need to Know3.2thumb
    WordPress 3.2 (aka "Gershwin") came out on the 4th of July, and it features some radical new changes that you're going to want to know about. A new dashboard design, new default theme, and other enhanced admin features that make using it even easier to use - let's dive into the changes.Read More…
  • Reviews
    40+ Stunning Wordpress Portfolio Themes40 stunning wordpress themes
    Wordpress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform out there. The vast amount of features and the flexibility it provides, one can create mind blowing themes for it. Here is a round up list of the most stunning WordPress themes, created specifically for displaying your design portfolio.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Developing Your First WordPress Theme: Day 3 of 3Preview3
    Themes are a huge part of what makes WordPress as popular as it is, and in this three-part series we’ll take you through a step-by-step process that results in a completed, functioning WordPress theme. In part three, we'll be implementing the comment system, adding sidebar widgets, and wrapping everything up!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Using Shortcodes in Theme DevelopmentUsing shortcodes in wordpress
    The WordPress Shortcode API was introduced to WordPress in Version 2.5. Since then, it has become a widely used method for allowing quick customisation of layout and inserting certain formatting snippets. But shortcodes can be equally useful when creating WordPress themes - here's how you can make full use of them!Read More…