• Theme Development
    How to Build a Ticket Sales Website with WordPress and TicketTailor, Day One: PlanningTicketsite1
    Early last year, a local concert promoter came to me and asked me to build his company a ticketing website. He wanted to be able to sell tickets for the concerts that he promotes. Last year, the volume of his shows was too high to just write the occasional blog post promoting them or tweet links to an online box office. He wanted a place where everyone who wanted to watch live music in my city (Cardiff, UK) could go to buy tickets for great shows. We decided that WordPress would be the best way to meet his needs and I set about thinking about how to best implement the idea. This two-part tutorial will show you how you can run a similar website.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    How to Integrate prettyPhoto with Post Images in your ThemesPreview
    prettyPhoto is a lightbox plugin made by Stéphane Caron. Today we're going to learn how to ship the plugin with your WordPress themes.Read More…
  • General
    Guide to Managing Premium WP Projects – Part 4: MaintainingPreview
    There are a number of important considerations to make when working on premium WordPress-based projects. Up to this point, we've taken a look at some strategies for planning, building, and marketing projects but we've yet to look at what it takes to actually maintain one.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API, Part 1: What It Is, Why It MattersSettings api preview image
    As we've mentioned numerous times here on WP Tuts (and as you've no doubt noticed), there has never been a better time to be a WordPress Developer. Be it client work or product development (with either themes or plugins), getting started in the WordPress ecosystem is almost more of a question of 'where' rather than 'how.'Read More…
  • Plugins
    Using WordPress Multisite: A Network of Websites at Your FingertipsWp multisite
    Today, we will look at the basics of WordPress MS - or for those users that have been using WordPress for a while - Multisite or WordPress MU. WordPress MS is a feature that many users are unaware of, and one that is often confusing to install and configure. But no more! In this tutorial, we will walk through installing WordPress MS, becoming familiar with the network admin, and integrating useful plugins for your Multisite network.Read More…
  • Scaling & Caching
    Alternative Use of Google App Engine for Optimizing WordPressGae wp
    I was looking for a solution to optimize my site, in a very cheap way. Often a Content Delivery Network is a good solution but not cheap, so I used Google App Engine as a CDN with Ubuntu.Read More…
  • General
    Insights into WP-Cron: An Introduction to Scheduling Tasks in WordPressImage 01
    Today we'll be looking at the WP-Cron functions, one of the lesser known tricks that you can use for some fun! The primary purpose is for setting up scheduling or other time-sensitive tasks. We'll examine some tricks for using it, and we'll also identify some potential problems with it and how to work around them.Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Facebook Comments on your BlogFblogo
    Using Facebook Comments on your blog offers your readers a way to instantaneously comment on posts, as well as to share them without having to do any work. If you think this type of commenting system will suit your audience, read on to find out how you can implement it the right way.Read More…
  • Creative Coding
    Custom Counter for Twitter and FeedburnerTutorial
    I would like to share a simple way to have your Twitter follower counter or Feedburner total reader counter using custom styling on your WordPress website. You can see some examples on Custom Counter Page to get the idea of how these counters can look. Enough with the introduction, lets get started.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    WordPress Theme Development Training Wheels: Day ThreeWp training wheels
    After having dealt with manually coding various types of menus, we'll wrap up menus in this lesson covering the Custom Menus functionality introduced in Version 3.0. Custom menus allow us to freely build menus from within the WordPress admin dashboard, by adding any combination of pages, category links and other custom links, whether they be internal site links or links to any other location on the web.Read More…
  • Plugins
    Creating a Random Quote Plugin for WordPressQuote
    A few years back I was just really getting into WordPress plugin development when I stumbled upon an outstanding little exercise that taught me a lot of the basics of plugin creation. I started with this very simple idea: creating a handy little plugin which generates a quote randomly to the description of the current theme. Today, I'm going to revisit the plugin that really helped me get my feet wet by walking you guys/gals through how to do it yourself.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    The WordPress Theme Files Execution HierarchyWordpress theme hierarchy
    This article will show the WordPress theme file execution hierarchy. In short, we'll look at which files get served up when you load a page in WordPress. You might already know that detail post is served by single.php and detail page is served by page.php, but WordPress will search for different files depending on a variety of factors, so we'll be looking at how this works!Read More…
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