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    Envato's Most Wanted: eCommerce PluginsEmw thumb
    Earlier this month, we ran our first post promoting Envato's Most Wanted. Recall that these are opportunities for which users, developers, and designers are offered significant rewards for delivering high-quality work assuming that it meets the criteria for the contest. Today, we're offering up the same thing, except rather working with Directing & Listing Themes, we're looking specifically at eCommerce Plugins.Read More…
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    Getting Started With WooCommerce: Launching Your StoreLaunchingyourstore
    WooCommerce brings serious big boy e-commerce to WordPress in the first part of our series we looked at installation and getting everything setup. Today we're going to move on and talk about products, we'll discuss the different product types WooCommerce offers and we'll add our first products to our site. We'll then move on to styling and theming WooCommerce before wrapping up with some next steps.Read More…
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    Getting Started With WooCommerce: Initial SetupGettingstartedwithwoo
    E-Commerce is massive, most of us use it and global e-commerce sales are set to top $1.25 trillion by 2013. Over the past few years it has become easier to start your own e-commerce store with products like ZenCart, Open Cart, OSCommerce and Magento. WordPress has a few options for e-commerce but none have stood out as the full enterprise quality system that serious sellers need. Today I'm going to talk about a product that has changed that and put WordPress right at the front as a serious contender as an e-commerce platform. Say hello to WooCommerce. In the first of our two part series we'll look at installation and initial setup talking through the various options available to you. In our second tutorial we will look at adding our first product as well as theming and styling WooCommerce.Read More…