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Web Development

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    Ruby On Rails - Week 4200x200
    Welcome to Ruby on Rails From Scratch Week 4! This week we're going to talk about ruby syntax. After this tutorial, I believe that you'll have a much better understanding of the framework and feel much more comfortable doing things by yourself. Oh yeah, and there's a surprise this week - a screencast! So without further ado, here is week 4! Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    The Twenty Most Earth-Shattering Tutorials on NETTUTS!200x200
    Yesterday, I took some time to "celebrate" our 6 month anniversary by revisiting our older tutorials. Sometimes, it's easy to forget how much incredible material that we have on this site - material that some of you may not even know about! If you're like me, you use the weekend to catch up on your learning - since work takes up so much time. Today, I'll list the top twenty tutorials on NETTUTS (in no particular order) that will jump-start your education. Read More…
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    NETTUTS Gets a MakeoverCode
    If you follow our sister blog PSDTUTS, you may have noticed that last week we updated the design to a new theme - version 4 to be precise - and we're thrilled today to give NETTUTS a similar makeover! Read More…
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    Taggify Photo TipsCode
    Widget Cost: Free, Links backFound Via: Taggify.netRead More…
  • Lightboxes
    Javascript Library: PrototypeLicense: Freeware - See File Included with DownloadFound Via: WildbitRead More…
  • Tooltips
    Prototip 2Code
    Javascript Library: PrototypeLicense: Noncommercial/Attribution - Permission & small fee required for commercialFound Via: Nick StakenburgRead More…
  • Lightboxes
    Javascript Library: Prototype & ScriptaculousLicense: "MIT-style license"Found Via: Stickman LabsRead More…
  • Lightboxes
    Javascript Library: jQueryLicense: GPLFound Via: DevKick Read More…
  • Web Development
    Visualizing Data with Flot200x200
    There are a lot of tutorials on how to make CSS bar graphs. But sometimes, bar graphs aren't enough. What if our data tracks change over time and a line graph is more appropriate? Or maybe we're not satisfied with just a bar graph. Enter Flot, ajQuery plugin that lets us make good looking graphs with ease.Read More…
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    How to Read an RSS Feed With PHP - screencast200x200
    Back in April, Collis Ta'eed - CEO of Envato - wrote a fantastic tutorial on designing a tab structure using CSS/HTML/JS. If you haven't already, I 100% recommend that you review it. However, dynamically pulling in an RSS feed was beyond the scope of that article. In today's video tutorial, I'll show you exactly how to do this using PHP. At roughly forty-five minutes in length, you might want to take a quick "pre-screencast bathroom break". You also might want to grab some raisins. Read More…
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    Follow NETTUTS on Twitter!Preview
    Those of you who are using Twitter can get updates about new NETTUTS tutorials and screencasts as soon as they're published. All you need to do is follow twitter.com/NETTUTS! Jeffrey will also be periodically posting useful links, hints and updates for NETTUTS readers. Why not follow PSDTUTS, VECTORTUTS or AUDIOTUTS while you're at it?Read More…
  • General
    10 Most Sought-after Skills in Web DevelopmentSoughtafter prev
    In a time of economic crisis, web developers and freelancers everywhere have started chewing their fingernails. However, no matter how bad the economy worsens, there will always be work in certain booming fields of web development. As the moderator of the Freelance Switch job board, there are certain types of jobs that are constantly in demand. Here are the 10 skills that are or will be in highest demand for developers. If you are proficient in these skills, you'll be in a great position to find work and weather any economic downturn.Read More…