• JavaScript
    Introduction to JavaScript VariablesJs fun
    In this video tutorial we look at one of the most fundamental units of JavaScript: the humble variable. We'll see the different ways that a variable can be declared and then assigned a value, as well as some other general bits of information about variables that you should probably be aware of.Read More…
  • Coldfusion
    Mura CMS: Template Variables03%20 %20template%20variables
    When building your themes you will want to bring in dynamic content from your Mura site to display meta information, titles, body and so on. This tutorial will teach you how to access various content variables within your Mura site.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    How to Add Variables to Your CSS FilesCss3
    Let's try something different on nettuts+ today. Any designer who has worked with large CSS files will agree that its major weakness is its inability to use variables. In this article, we will learn how to implement variables by using PHP and Apache's URL rewrite mod.Read More…