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UIKit Dynamics

  • Mobile Development
    Animated Components with UIKit Dynamics: Part 2Preview image@2x
    In the first tutorial of this short series on UIKit Dynamics, we learnt the basics of the API by creating an animated menu component. In this tutorial, we'll continue working on our project and implement another animated component, a custom alert view.Read More…
  • Mobile Development
    Animated Components with UIKit Dynamics: Part 1Preview image@2x
    UIKit Dynamics is a brand new API that was introduced in iOS 7. Its purpose is to allow developers to add realistic animated effects to their applications in a very simple and straightforward fashion. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the basics of UIKit Dynamics through a number examples. In the first part, we'll create an animated menu with a focus on reusability.Read More…
  • iOS SDK
    Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics84oke preview image
    In the previous tutorial, I explained a few new features of iOS 7 that let you add subtle animations and greater interactivity with surprisingly little code to simulate real world physics. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a hidden form on a search results page.Read More…