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    Mobile Devices: the Gap Between Creation and ConsumptionMobile preview
    In this article, I will discuss some of the major hurdles which mobile phones face, with regard to creating for the web. We’ll mention a few tools along the way, but we’ll be focusing more on the discussion of how the mobile device is fundamentally different from a desktop or a laptop, and what opportunities and restrictions this brings to light.Read More…
  • Web Development
    New Course: A Developer's Guide to Setting Up a New MacMacfordevs
    Getting a new Mac is one of the best things that can happen to anyone, but especially a developer. Since you use your computer all day, it's important to have the best one possible. But it is also important to set up your computer with all the tools and utilities you need to do your job most effectively. In our new course, you'll go through the steps of setting up all the important tools that every developer needs.Read More…
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    New Course: Speedy Workflows With AtomSpeedy workflows with
    In our new course, you'll see how GitHub's new editor, Atom, can help you optimise your daily workflows. Break free from older, slower methods, and adopt newer, more efficient ones!Read More…
  • PHP
    Behat for the Rest of UsCode
    In this lesson, I'd like to provide you with the intro to Behat screencast that I wish had been available to me, when I was first learning. As you'll find, though the official documentation tends to complicates things, it's not too difficult to use! Enjoy!Read More…
  • General
    What Are You Using?Preview 400
    We spend a lot of time following the thought leaders in web development, in many cases using the tools and libraries they've built, reading the posts they've written, articulating cool techniques they've learned, and in some cases, attending the defining conference for a specific language. But wouldn't it be great to learn what they focus on and what they use to build such awesomeness?Read More…
  • PHP
    Easier Testing With MockeryCode
    It's an unfortunate truth that, while the basic principle behind testing is quite simple, fully introducing this process into your day-to-day coding workflow is more difficult than you might hope. The various jargon alone can prove overwhelming! Luckily, a variety of tools have your back, and help to make the process as simple as it can be. Mockery, the premier mock object framework for PHP, is one such tool! In this article, we'll dig into what mocking is, why it's useful, and how to integrate Mockery into your testing workflow.Read More…
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    Essential Tools For A Modern Front-end Development WorkflowCode
    When you think about it, the phrase, "modern front-end development" is a relatively new thing! When compared to competing platforms and industries, the web is still in its infancy stage. That being said, one only needs to read a development-specific Twitter feed, or say hello on a few applicable IRC channels to realize just how quickly our techniques and processes are advancing into a modern age of front-end development.Read More…
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    Demystifying RESTCode
    No, this is not an article that encourages you to sleep more! However, if that was your first inclination, then the following text was tailor-made for you! It’s an unfortunate truth, though, that the principles of REST are decidely complex. Entire books have been written on the subject. I won’t be so presumptuous to assume that I can merge such an intricate topic into a few thousand words.Read More…
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    Git for DesignersCode
    You're likely familiar with tools, like Git and Subversion. But, as web designers, it's quite possible that, though you might say you leverage version control in your projects, the truth is that, more often than not, you simply don't.Read More…
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    Your Obedient Assistant: YeomanCode
    One thing is certain: times sure have changed. Not too long ago, front-end development, though not simple, was manageable. Learn HTML, a bit of CSS, and you’re on your way. These days, however, for lack of better words, there are far more variables to juggle. Preprocessors, performance tuning, testing, image optimization, and minification represent but just a few of the key factors that the modern day front-end developer must keep in mind.Read More…
  • Tools
    Create a Reusable and Flexible Project TemplateCode
    In this lesson, we'll create a starter template for new projects. Think about it: how many times have you organized CoffeeScript or Sass for a new project? How many times have you created test environments, configuration files, and directory structures? All of this takes time!Read More…
  • Tools
    Sublime Text 2: First StepsCode
    In less than a year, the Sublime Text 2 code editor - available for Mac, Windows, and Linux - has skyrocketed to becoming the editor of choice for a huge number of developers. How come? Well, it's a sophisticated editor, with lightning-fast speed, an incredibly vibrant plugin community, easy configuration, Vintage (Vim) mode, multiple cursors - the list goes on. If you've yet to make the switch, out of some sense of loyalty to your current editor of choice, give me twenty minutes, and I'll convince you!Read More…
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