• Tools
    A Visual Guide to Styling the Terminal in MinutesCode
    One of the questions that I am asked about most frequently relates to how I styled my Terminal. In this video, I encourage you to follow along with me, as we get everything setup from scratch.Read More…
  • Workflow
    How to Build a Python Bot That Can Play Web GamesPythonlogo
    In this tutorial we'll explore the ins and outs of building a Computer Vision-based game bot in Python, which will be able to to play the popular Flash game Sushi Go Round. You can use the techniques taught in this tutorial to create bots for automatically testing your own web games.Read More…
  • Tools
    How To Customize Your TerminalCode
    Lately, I’ve been getting this question a lot: “how did you get your terminal to look the way it does?” If you’ve noticed my terminal and are curious about how I set it up, this is the tutorial for you! Of course, what you learn here will be enough to get you started on creating your own custom command prompt, as well!Read More…
  • Tools
    The Tools of Modern Mac-Based Web DevelopmentCode
    Consider this screencast to be a brain-dump on all of the various tools I use for web development. Sometimes, simply watching another person work can be incredibly helpful. What tools do they use? How do they work with their code editor? I'll cover all of these things today.Read More…
  • Flash
    Easily Create Souped-Up Flash Text Fields With TextAreaPreview
    In this tutorial I'll walk you through the steps required to install and use the TextArea component as an alternative to Flash's native TextField class, and show you how to detect mouse roll over/out events on hyperlinks. I'll also talk about how you can call custom functions and pass different data types as arguments.Read More…
  • Tools
    Build Awesome Communication Apps with TwilioCode
    In this two-part Premium tutorial, we’re going to cover Twilio. Twilio is a web service that allows you to integrate web applications with telecommunications. This is neat because you can use a phone to access your web app, or even your web app to access phones!Read More…
  • Flash
    Understanding JSONPreview2
    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation, which I pronounce "Jason" and you can pronounce however you like) is a text-based data format that's designed to be human-readable, lightweight, and easy to transmit between a server and a web client. Its syntax is derived from JavaScript -- hence the name -- but it can be used in most languages, including AS3 and C#.Read More…
  • Tools
    The Ins and Outs of Amazon EC2Code
    In this epic 6-part screencast series, we’ll explore Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) — a highly scalable, reliable, and cost effective means of cloud computing. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some experience with AWS, you’ll appreciate these succinct and methodical video tutorials.Read More…
  • Tools
    GitHub Pages and Auto-Updating Demos FTWCode
    In this tutorial, we’ll learn a handful of neat tricks. Firstly, we’ll learn how to use the new online editor, Cloud9, to access, edit and update a GitHub repository from any computer in the world. Next, we’ll review GitHub pages, and how they can be used to dynamically display live previews of your repositories. Finally, we’ll add in another layer of convenience, and redirect these GitHub live previews to our custom domain.Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Introduction: Flash ScrollPane and ColorPicker ComponentsPreview
    In this Quick Introduction to Flash Professional components we are going to look at the ScrollPane and ColorPicker. Let's dive in..Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Tip: Create a Flash Flipping Book From any PDF in SecondsPdf preview
    In this Quick Tip we'll take a look at a really useful online utility that will help us convert any PDF to a SWF virtual book with just a few clicks. Read on to learn more!Read More…
  • Flash
    Quick Introduction: Flash UILoader and UIScrollbar ComponentsPreview
    In this Quick Introduction to the Flash Professional Components, we're going to look at the UILoader and UIScrollbar.Read More…
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