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  • WordPress
    Writing Maintainable WordPress Themes: DirectoriesWriting maintainable wordpress themes
    When it comes to building WordPress themes - as with many other types of things, really - there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. For those of us who want to be professional WordPress developers, for those of us who truly care about the work that we're doing, and for those of us who want our work to last, then we need to be forward thinking about how we're organizing the files and the code that goes into our theme.Read More…
  • Theory
    Writing Elegant and Readable Code0s8e2e preview image@2x
    In this tutorial, we will give you nine practical techniques for writing elegant and readable code. We won't be talking about specific architectures, languages, or platforms. The focus lies on writing better code. Let's get started.Read More…
  • Theory
    Mobile & Emotional DesignEmotional design 400
    The process of designing an application, both functionally and aesthetically, has a large impact on how users feel about the final product. Emotional design can help to improve the user experience significantly. In this article, I will talk about what emotional design is, how you can apply it, and give some examples of applications that already implement emotional design.Read More…
  • Theory
    On Working with Web ServicesWeb services preview
    This article is an exploration of web service protocols, common data interchange formats, and best practices. If you're interested in creating performant mobile applications that connect to the web, read on!Read More…
  • Theory
    Cross-Platform Development ConsiderationsCross platform 2
    This article will cover some of the concepts and decisions involved in designing a mobile app for multiple platforms. The considerations discussed will deal primarily with a cross-platform application targeting Android and iOS, and it is written from the perspective of a web developer taking their first steps into the mobile world.Read More…
  • Theory
    What The Heck Is A Hex Value Anyway?Thumb
    In today's Quick Tip, I briefly explain the history and logic behind a color's hex value. Enjoy!Read More…
  • Theory
    Mobile Development Toolbox: A Complete Kit for Getting StartedMobile dev toolbox
    Mobile app development is a booming business, and one that's predicted to grow even larger in the immediate future. But there's still plenty of room for new developers on virtually every mobile platform out there, partly due to the high barriers to entry: app development is often time-consuming and often requires extensive programming knowledge.Read More…
  • Theory
    Case Study: Worldscope for AndroidPreview
    My journey into the world of Mobile programming started quite accidentally. In fact, when I bought an Android-powered mobile phone as a treat for my birthday, I had no official knowledge about—well—almost anything regarding the Android Mobile platform.Read More…
  • Theory
    Don't Drink Your Own Kool-AidKool aid preview
    Life is about passion. Itʼs too short, too unpredictable, and too valuable to waste. Yet most people continue on with their lives hoping that one day theyʼll magically have more time, money, and talent to pull off that idea they know will make it big. The problem is, that rarely happens.Read More…
  • Theory
    Mobile Design: Analyzing the Amazon UK AppPreview
    With more and more people starting to use mobile applications daily, it is now more important than ever for companies around the world to pay close attention to developing their own mobile applications, whether they be for the iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry. Having a mobile application however isn't the easiest job. There are a lot of applications out there that work perfectly well, but just don't look all that wonderful. This is important because an appealing, user-friendly interface is a primary method for attracting and retaining users.Read More…
  • Theory
    iPad Magazine Interface DesignPreview
    A great magazine is more than just a collection of articles around a theme or idea, it's a curated editorial experience. Through layout design and copy it can take you to different places and teach you new things. The release of the iPad has kicked off the latest chapter in the history of magazine design. I've been working with a startup, Sideways.com, to create our own magazine publishing platform and here is what we've done.Read More…