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    Adding Action Hooks to Your WordPress Theme FrameworkBuild your own theme framework preview image
    The advantage of creating action hooks in your framework is that any content you attach to them can easily be overwritten by functions in a child theme or by plugins. This saves you creating duplicate template files in your child themes and gives you more flexibility. In this tutorial you'll add some action hooks to your template files, which you'll then attach functions to in the next tutorial. After that, you'll add some filter hooks.Read More…
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    Creating the Starting Files for Your WordPress Theme FrameworkBuild your own theme framework preview image
    In this tutorial you'll take a basic theme and edit the template files so they're ready for hooks and functions to be added to them for your framework. The purpose of this tutorial is to tidy up the theme so that code isn't duplicated, which means you'll be creating include files for the loop. This means you won't have to create duplicate loops in your child themes when you create new template files, and if you need to edit the loop you only have to do it once.Read More…
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    Writing Maintainable WordPress Themes: DirectoriesWriting maintainable wordpress themes
    When it comes to building WordPress themes - as with many other types of things, really - there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. For those of us who want to be professional WordPress developers, for those of us who truly care about the work that we're doing, and for those of us who want our work to last, then we need to be forward thinking about how we're organizing the files and the code that goes into our theme.Read More…
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    Creating an FAQ Page Using Two LoopsCreate faq page using two loops faqsimage
    A page of frequently asked questions will be much more user-friendly if your visitors can see all of the questions at the top of the page and then go to the answers by clicking on each. This tutorial shows you how to do this by creating two loops for the same content.Read More…
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    Using the TGM Plugin Activation Library in Your ThemesTgm plugin activation
    Themes aren't meant to be functional, but as theme developers, we mostly need to include some features to make our theme a bit better and a function, you know, functional. In this tutorial, we're going to have a glance at the term "plugin territory" and learn to use a fantastic tool written by Thomas Griffin: the TGM Plugin Activation library.Read More…
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    Steps to Becoming a Quality WordPress Theme DeveloperQuality theme developer
    Have you ever found asking: how do Premium WordPress theme authors achieve million dollar milestones? How do they come up with such amazing designs and create such huge following? This article intends to follow through the journey of brainstorming a great looking, high-quality theme and some of the important lessons one should observe on his or her journey in order to achieve similar success.Read More…
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    Envato's Most Wanted: Directory & Listing ThemesEmw thumb
    Periodically, our the Envato Marketplaces offer up opportunities which are known as Envato's Most Wanted. These contests usually offer up significant rewards for users, developers, designers, and more who are able to deliver the highest quality work possible that also meets the criteria for the contest. For example, right now, the Directory & Listing Themes is offering a bounty of up to $10,000!Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Content Organization ToolsPostformats
    Recall what I said before about post formats not being an organizational tool? I change that up a bit: As long as you're marking your videos as videos, images as images, etc., you might as well use that to organize your site, instead of adding redundant taxonomies.Read More…
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    Taxonomy Archives: List Posts by Post TypeCreating post type archive to list by term preview
    If your theme has taxonomy terms registered to multiple post types, it can be helpful to separate out those post types on the taxonomy archive pages. Here's how to do it.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Bulk Updating Post FormatsPostformats
    Now that I've convinced you of how cool post formats are with my previous posts in this series, you might be worried about having to go back through all of your posts, opening each one and manually setting its post format. Let me show you how to automate the process.Read More…
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    An Introduction to Creating a bbPress Theme From ScratchBbpress theme from scratch
    bbPress is a WordPress that brings discussion boards - also known as forums - functionality to WordPress. In this series, we'll be talking about how to create your first bbPress-compatible theme from scratch.Read More…
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    Getting The Most of Post Formats: Designing for Content PartsPostformats
    So far in this series I've introduced you to what post formats are, and how to use different templates for different post formats in the loop. In this post I will show you how to set apply different css to parts of a post's content based on the post format.Read More…