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  • Editorials
    Are TextMate and Coda Yesterday's Editors?Textmate and coda
    Based on the title alone, many of you might cry, “blasphemy.” TextMate particularly has been a cornerstone for Mac-based web developers for years and years. However, things change, and, recently, better editors, like Sublime Text 2, have surfaced. With TextMate 2 and Coda 2 on the near horizon, can they compete, or are they too late to the next inning? The editor wars have begun.Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Essential TextMate Shortcuts, Tips and TechniquesPostimg
    Even after six years, TextMate is still considered by many to be the best code editor available for Mac. The reason why is simple: it's incredibly powerful, and offers features that even the newest editors don't yet offer. Add a robust plugin/bundle community on top of it, and you get one heck of a code editor. I'll show you some of my favorite shortcuts and tricks today. Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Quick Tip: Use TextMate Bundles to Increase your ProductivityPostimg
    TextMate is one of the most versatile tools any web developer can wield. This video aims to show you one of the easiest ways to increase your productivity and workflow while having fun doing it!Read More…