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  • Web Development
    Refactoring Legacy Code: Part 9 - Analyzing ConcernsRefactoring wide retina preview
    Old code. Ugly code. Complicated code. Spaghetti code. Gibberish nonsense. In two words, Legacy Code. This is a series that will help you work and deal with it.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Setting Up Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment With JenkinsJenkins image
    Add a little automation to your life - let's set up a Jenkins instance to handle testing and deploying for us.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Refactoring Legacy Code: Part 8 - Inverting Dependencies for a Clean ArchitectureRefactoring wide retina preview
    Learn techniques for how to deal with complex and complicated unknown legacy code, how to understand it, and finally writing the Golden Master tests for future changes.Read More…
  • Web Development
    A BDD Workflow With Behat and PhpspecPhp wide retina preview
    Follow along, while we walk through a real life example of how you can incorporate BDD into your daily workflow by using Behat and phpspec.Read More…
  • Web Development
    You Requested It, We Made It: Free PHP Testing CourseCrs 107001
    Back in January we asked followers of our Facebook page to suggest and vote for the topic of the next PHP course we create. By popular demand we bring you PHP Testing Basics, a new course from Tuts+. Read More…
  • Web Development
    Getting Started With PhpspecPhpspec wide retina preview
    Join me for an introduction to using phpspec, a behavior driven development toolset that allows you to describe your application's behavior by writing "specs", using PHP.Read More…
  • Mobile Development
    Testing on Android: What Are Your Options?Preview image@2x
    Testing an app on Android or iOS isn’t all that different. The purpose is the same, the desired outcome is the same, and the process is similar. The major difference comes when we begin to look at the details. That's what I plan to do in this article.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Advanced Unit Testing Techniques in JavaScriptAdvanced js testing retina preview
    By now, everyone knows about Test-Driven Development and unit testing. But are you using the testing frameworks to their fullest?Read More…
  • Web Development
    Make JavaScript Testing Fun With TestemMake javascript testing fun with testem
    JavaScript testing is a sensitive subject. Some developers are huge advocates of it (including myself), while others don't see the need or benefit. One huge barrier is the simple fact that it can sometimes take a considerable amount of setup to get up and running. The longer it takes, the more likely it is that the developer simply won't bother. That's why Testem is so fantastic; it makes testing as effortless as possible, and, more importantly, fun!Read More…
  • PHP
    How to Use Selenium 2 With PHPUnitPhpunit and selenium
    In this lesson, we will learn how to work with Selenium 2 directly within PHPUnit. For those unfamiliar, Selenium gives us an easy way to automate the browser. This makes it perfect for writing user acceptances tests.Read More…
  • PHP
    Test-Driven Development in PHP: First StepsTdd in php
    Let's admit it: the PHP community has lagged a bit, when it comes to advocating test-driven development. We know we should, but, even to this day, a sizable portion of the community does not. In this new series of videos and tutorials, created by the Nettuts+ team, we're hoping to change that. Trust me: it's not as tough as you think. Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Quick Tip: Top 5 Ways to Browser-Test your Website200x200
    The great joy that comes from being a web designer is getting to view your new website in a variety of browsers, only to find that each renders the site at varying levels of consistency - namely Internet Explorer 7 and below. This video quick tip will demonstrate the five most popular services and tools for testing a website in a variety of browsers. Read More…
JavaScript Testing With Jasmine 2.0
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