• WordPress
    Quick Tip: How to Install Twenty Thirteen on Your WordPress SiteTwentythirteenpreview
    You've probably seen that the new Twenty Thirteen theme's draft is now in WordPress core, which is pretty exciting. But what if you want to install it on a site that is running the latest stable version of WordPress (3.5.1), not from an SVN of WordPress Trunk? Let me show you how.Read More…
  • Plugins
    Quick Tip: How to Add a Custom Header Image for Your Plugin on WordPress.orgPreview
    About two months ago Matt Mullenweg (the man behind WordPress) posted an update on the WordPress Developer's blog, that plugin developers will now be able to add custom header images to their plugins' pages. This initiative was appreciated a lot for providing plugin authors with more control over their plugins. Today, I will tell you how to add a custom header image to your WordPress plugin and what the advantages are of adding it.Read More…
  • Plugins
    How To Publish To The WordPress Plugin RepositoryThumb
    One of the considerations that all WordPress plugin developers have to make is how to actually publish their work. Many premium plugins opt to run their own website, documentation, and purchase gateway, but if you're looking to publish a free plugin or perhaps a lite variation of a premium plugin then using the WordPress plugin repository is a great option.Read More…
  • Plugins
    The Definitive Check List for Publishing Your WordPress PluginPlugin checklist thumb
    When you are getting close to completing your WordPress plugin, it's time to start thinking about releasing it to the broader public. Getting ready for publishing a plugin requires a lot of polishing, testing and fine tuning, and it's easy to forget some steps in the process. This tutorial will guide you through publishing the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory and work as a check list to help you make sure your plugin will be ready for the prime time by the time you hit publish.Read More…