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    Free Course: Create an Image Gallery in RubyRuby image
    Ever wanted to try a video course with Tuts+? Now's your chance, because we're offering a free short course on creating an image gallery in Ruby. Building an image gallery app is a perfect opportunity to practice using Sinatra for simple web apps with authentication, Sequel for database access and Carrierwave for file uploading. We'll even add social media integration!Read More…
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    An Introduction to Haml and SinatraDisplay
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Nettuts+. This tutorial was first published in October, 2010. This tutorial will introduce Haml and Sinatra. Haml is a markup language that produces clean, well-structured HTML. Sinatra is a simple but powerful Ruby framework for creating websites or web services. The two work very well together and provide a powerful tool for quick and simple web development. I find them ideal for prototyping.Read More…
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    Singing with Sinatra - The EncoreSinging with sinatra
    Welcome back to Singing with Sinatra! In this third and final part we'll be extending the "Recall" app we built in the previous lesson. We're going to add an RSS feed to the app with the incredibly useful Builder gem, which makes creating XML files in Ruby a piece of cake. We'll learn just how easy Sinatra makes escaping HTML from user input to prevent XSS attacks, and we'll improve on some of the error handling code.Read More…
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    Singing with Sinatra - The Recall AppSinging with sinatra
    Welcome to Track 2 of Singing with Sinatra. In part one, we reviewed Routes, how to work with URI parameters, working with forms, and how Sinatra differentiates routes by the HTTP method they were requested by. Today, we're going to extend our knowledge of Sinatra by building a small database-driven app, "Recall," for taking notes/making a to-do list.Read More…
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    Singing with SinatraSinging with sinatra
    Welcome to Track 1 of "Singing with Sinatra." In this mini-series we'll be taking a look at Sinatra; a small, yet incredibly powerful DSL for quickly creating Ruby web applications. In this part, we'll get started with Sinatra by playing around with a few routes, learning how to access URL parameters and how to POST data between pages.Read More…
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