• Ruby
    Free Course: Deploy Your Rails Application Into HerokuRuby heroku 1
    Heroku is a cloud-based hosting provider that allows easy deployment of web applications. In this short, free course, you'll discover how easy it is to deploy a Rails application into Heroku. Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Getting Started With Raygun: Insights and Crash Reporting for App DevelopersPreview
    44 shares helps your team track and share errors for all programming languages and platforms across deployments. Get to know this powerful software development service.Read More…
  • Ruby
    An Introduction to Ruby's JSON LibraryRuby 1%20(1)
    The de facto standard in data portability across web applications and services, JSON has a concise yet powerful syntax for sharing data across platforms. In this short video tutorial, learn about Ruby’s JSON library and experiment with parsing and generating JSON structures.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level With Our New Course BundleRuby thumb 400x277
    Our new bundle of courses builds on the skills you learned in our short course on creating an image gallery in Ruby. In this bundle of six courses, you'll learn about testing Ruby with RSpec, building a store with a payment gateway in Rails, building a CMS with Rails, and more.Read More…
  • DevOps
    Free Course: Easy Rails Development Environment With VagrantVagrant 1
    In our latest free short course, you will learn how to create a virtual machine with Vagrant, configure it for Rails development and share it with others.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Free Course: Create an Image Gallery in RubyRuby image
    Ever wanted to try a video course with Tuts+? Now's your chance, because we're offering a free short course on creating an image gallery in Ruby. Building an image gallery app is a perfect opportunity to practice using Sinatra for simple web apps with authentication, Sequel for database access and Carrierwave for file uploading. We'll even add social media integration!Read More…
  • Programming Fundamentals
    New Course: Learn to Code With RubyRuby writing
    If you've never programmed before, or if you want an introduction to the Ruby programming language, our new course is for you! In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of computer programming: variables, conditionals, loops, objects and testing—all in the fun and elegant Ruby language.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Ruby Version ManagersRuby wideretina preview
    In this video, I'll be talking to you about Ruby version managers. These are utilities that you can install in your system to manage multiple installations of Ruby. I'll be talking about the three main version managers in the Ruby ecosystem. Read More…
  • Ruby
    One Class per Rails Controller Action With AldousRuby on rails
    Controllers are often the eyesore of a Rails application. Controller actions are bloated despite our attempts to keep them skinny, and even when they look skinny, it is often an illusion. Today we will look at Aldous controller actions and the benefits they can bring to your Rails application.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Service Objects With Rails Using AldousRuby on rails
    One of the concepts we've had great success with in the Tuts+ team is service objects. We've used service objects to reduce coupling in our systems, make them more testable, and make important business logic more obvious to all the developers on the team.Read More…
  • Ruby on Rails
    New Course: WebSocket-Powered Rails ApplicationsWebsocket
    Today's web applications demand real-time, low-latency data transfer. Users expect to interact with data in as close to real time as possible without minimizing the overall user experience. WebSockets allow you to do just that, by creating a persistent connection between a client and server that can be used to send data in real time. In this course, you'll learn how to use the emerging WebSocket technology in a Ruby on Rails application.Read More…
  • Ruby
    New Course: MongoDB and RubyMongoruby
    MongoDB is a different kind of database. If you feel you have trouble maintaining your data because it's either too big or too slow or too expensive, then perhaps you should consider taking MongoDB for a spin. In this course you'll learn the basics of using MongoDB in a Ruby scenario. You'll build a small Sinatra application so you can understand the fundamentals of using this database system in a Ruby environment.Read More…
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