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  • Web Development
    Full Text Search in RailsFull text search preview image
    Using simple SQL queries to retrieve data is, at times, not the most efficient and scalable way of performing search operations in an application. Using a full-featured search engine can save you from writing a lot of code and also from your application suffering in performance. In this tutorial we will look at performing full-text search using Sunspot, which is a Ruby library that enables interaction with the Solr search engine.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Interview With Peter CooperPeter cooper wide retina preview
    Catch up with software developer, Peter Cooper, just in time for O'Reilly's Fluent Conference.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Mass Assignment, Rails, and YouMass assignment 400
    Early in 2012, a developer, named Egor Homakov, took advantage of a security hole at Github (a Rails app) to gain commit access to the Rails project. His intent was mostly to point out a common security issue with many Rails apps that results from a feature, known as mass assignment (and did so rather loudly). In this article, we'll review what mass assignment is, how it can be a problem, and what you can do about it in your own applications.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Digging Into Rails 4Digging rails
    Rails 4 is rapidly approaching. In this article, let's take a look at some of the new features that it offers, as well as the changes that may affect your current applications.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Why Rails?Why rails
    Your choice, when learning a new framework, is an incredibly important one. It takes countless hours and effort to become proficient and learn all the best practices - even for experienced developers. That's why it's necessary to understand the peculiarities of a framework as early as possible, in order to determine if it's the right solution for the problem that you're trying to solve. In this article, I'll cover many of the key areas of the Ruby on Rails framework, and why I feel that it's an excellent choice for web developers.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Intelligent ActiveRecord ModelsLogo
    ActiveRecord models in Rails already do a lot of the heavy lifting, in terms of database access and model relationships, but with a bit of work, they can do more things automatically. Let's find out how!Read More…
  • Ruby
    How to Use Faye as a Real-Time Push Server in RailsLogo
    There are multiple ways to add push functionality to an application, including Pushr and Pub-Nub, which are quite elegant and simple solutions. There are also some more advanced options. In this article, I’m going to show you how to use Faye, a messaging system that runs on both Ruby and Node.js.Read More…
  • Ruby
    The Intro to Rails Screencast I Wish I HadDeploy your first rails app
    Isn't it funny how most "introduction to Ruby on Rails" screencasts are overly simplistic, and rely on generators like scaffolding? The teacher typically follows up the tutorial by stating that most Rails developer don't use scaffolding generators. Well that's not much help then! I'd like to give you the tutorial I wish I had. Along the way, we'll also rely heavily on test-driven development to build a simple app. Read More…
  • Ruby
    How to Use Omniauth to Authenticate your Users Logo
    I hate signing up for websites. I’ve already signed up for so many, using different usernames, that going back to one of them and trying to remember my credentials is sometimes impossible. These days, most sites have begun offering alternative ways to sign up, by allowing you to use your Facebook, Twitter or even your Google account. Creating such an integration sometimes feels like a long and arduous task. But fear not, Omniauth is here to help. Omniauth allows you to easily integrate more than sixty authentication providers, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to integrate these authentication providers into your app.Read More…
  • Ruby
    Create Beautiful Administration Interfaces with Active AdminActive admin2
    Every web developer knows that creating an administration interface for their projects is an incredibly tedious task. Luckily, there are tools that make this task considerably simpler. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Active Admin, a recently launched administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications. Read More…
  • Ruby
    Advanced Data Models with Rails200x200
    Model, View, Controller. If you’ve ever tried Ruby on Rails, those words have probably been drilled into your head a thousand times over. On the other hand, if this is new to you, there’s plenty of resources on Nettuts+ for beginners - but this is not one of them.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    Essential Ruby & Rails 3 ReadingRortutorial
    Nearly two years ago, we published a round-up of the greatest Ruby and Rails learning resources available. Since then, big things have happended in the glorious world of Ruby. Rails 3 brought many fundamental improvements to the framework. So, naturally, our "essential resources" list needed to be updated! Read on for a round-up of the greatest articles, books, and screencasts to come out of the Ruby community!Read More…
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