Programming Fundamentals

  • WordPress
    DRY WordPress Theme DevelopmentDry theme development preview
    Creating WordPress themes is much like any other aspect of coding in that there are practices you can adopt that help you stick to the Don't Repeat Yourself, or DRY, principle. Here are some ideas to make you more efficient.Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Quiz: Do You Understand Object-Oriented JavaScript With ES6?Es6 1
    A quick quiz to test your knowledge of objected-oriented JavaScript with ES6, based on the course Object-Oriented JavaScript With ES6. Read More…
  • Quiz
    Quiz: Are You Ready to Get Started With Python?Intro python 1
    A quick quiz to test your knowledge of Python, based on the course Introduction to Python. Read More…
  • Scratch
    Sharing Your Work in ScratchScratch preview image
    Scratch is most powerful when you see it as a community of coders. Learn how to share your work with your friends and the wider world.Read More…
  • Scratch
    Make Your Scratch Code More Efficient With Custom BlocksScratch preview image
    If you find yourself repeating the same sequences of blocks in Scratch repeatedly, it will make your projects more efficient if you use custom blocks. Here's how.Read More…
  • Python
    New Course: Introduction to PythonIntro python 1
    Python is well known as a programming language that is easy to learn. Python isn't just for beginners though! It is an expressive and powerful language that is widely used by professional coders and shops. In this course, Tuts+ instructor Derek Jensen will introduce the Python language, starting with the basics and laying a solid foundation for future learning.Read More…
  • Scratch
    Bring Your Scratch Projects to Life With Animated Costumes and BackdropsScratch preview image
    Make your sprites come to life and your project's background appear to move by creating animated effects in your Scratch projects.Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Data Structures With JavaScript: TreeJavascript wide retina preview
    Trees are one of the most commonly used data structures in web development. This statement holds true for both developers and users. Every web developer who has written HTML and loaded it into a web browser has created a tree, which is referred to as the Document Object Model (DOM). Every user of the Internet who has, in turn, consumed information on the Internet has received it in the form of a tree—the DOM. Now that we are aware of trees, let's create one! Read More…
  • Scratch
    Make Your Scratch Animations More Reactive With EventsScratch preview image
    Events let you make things happen as your project progresses or in response to user inputs. Learn how to use them to change the backdrop and display messages.Read More…
  • Scratch
    Using Variables and Data in ScratchScratch preview image
    Learn how to create data and variables in Scratch and use them to time a project and keep score.Read More…
  • Scratch
    Working With Control, Sensing and Operators in ScratchScratch preview image
    Learn how to use Control, Sensing and Operator blocks to let the user interact with your project.Read More…
  • Scratch
    Working With Motion, Looks and Sound in ScratchScratch preview image
    Learn how to use motion, looks and sound blocks to create animations and add sound effects to your Scratch projects.Read More…
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