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    Create a Responsive Slider Plugin With FlexSlider for WordPressThumb
    Sliders seem to be all the rage these days, and for good reason! You can add photos, content, videos, and more to an eye-catching, animated area of your website. While there is a wealth of slider plugins out there (my current favorite is the one for Nivo Slider), there is not one for FlexSlider, a slider that has keyboard shortcuts and works with swipe on touch screens. In this tutorial, we'll create that plugin!Read More…
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    Create A Google Static Maps PluginPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a plugin that uses Google's Static Maps API to display a map. We'll also look at the differences between enclosed and non-enclosed shortcodes.Read More…
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    Developing BuddyPress Themes - Part 1 : Working with the BuddyPress API and LoopsBp themeing
    Last month, we looked at the basics of BuddyPress and how you can use it to increase social networking in your projects. The response was great and many requested theming tutorials. So, in this three part series, we'll explain some core elements of the BuddyPress API and unpack how to create a custom child theme that will survive both BuddyPress and WordPress updates.Read More…
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    Create A Weather Conditions Plugin Using Yahoo And SimpleXMLPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a simple plugin that uses PHP's built-in SimpleXML library to access the Yahoo! Weather Service. The current weather conditions will be displayed with either a shortcode or template tag.Read More…
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    Advanced WordPress Queries, Part 3Preview
    Throughout this series, we've taken a look at the WordPress Database, executed some simple queries against it, and looked at a variety of ways to read data from the database. As useful as this is, it will only take you so far... especially when it comes to creating your own themes, plugins, or other extended WordPress-based functionality. In this final post, we'll take a look at how we can update existing values in the database and even introduce values of our own!Read More…
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    Build a Short URL Service with WordPress Custom Post TypesTut logo
    WordPress is normally used as a blog engine or as a content management system (CMS), but those are not the only things it can be used for. With a little imagination, you can do virtually anything you want with it! In this tutorial I will teach you how to build a shortened URL service, write some plugin code using object oriented techniques, and deal with WordPress routers and custom error messages.Read More…
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    Getting Started With WordPress ShortcodesPreview
    In this article, you will be given a detailed explanation of WordPress' shortcode API and learn how to create a shortcode... the right way. You will then be shown some useful examples of more advanced shortcodes and how to code your own custom variations! Ready to add a new skill to your bag of tricks? Let's get started!Read More…
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    Add Facebook Comments To Your Wordpress ThemeFb preview
    Facebook launched the social plugins for developers in 2010. You all know at least one of them, the "like" button that you see on lots of blog posts across the net (like this one, pardon the pun!). Today we are focusing on the Comments Box system. Adding Facebook comments allows the user to comment on your blog using his Facebook account. There is no need for him to enter his name and email address or even register an account on your site.Read More…
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    Create a Basic Flickr Widget Using the Widget APIPreview
    In this tutorial, we will be using the WordPress widget API and the Flickr API to create a basic Flickr widget. The widget will be a multiple-use widget; it asks the user for a username and number of pictures to display, and uses that information to display Flickr photos. There are lots of pre-built plugins out there that work with Flickr, but nothing's beats making it yourself if you're looking to take another step in your WordPress education!Read More…
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    Quick-Tip: Natively Detecting iPhone Users in WordPressPreview
    With the rapid growth of smart phone users, it has become increasingly important in web development to ensure visitors who access your website through handheld devices are catered to appropriately. There are a number of ways in which these visitors can be targeted, and in this tutorial we will explore creating a function to natively detect iPhone users in WordPress. Read More…
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    How To Publish To The WordPress Plugin RepositoryThumb
    One of the considerations that all WordPress plugin developers have to make is how to actually publish their work. Many premium plugins opt to run their own website, documentation, and purchase gateway, but if you're looking to publish a free plugin or perhaps a lite variation of a premium plugin then using the WordPress plugin repository is a great option.Read More…
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    Three Practical Uses for Custom Meta BoxesMeta box thumb
    Last week we introduced how to create custom meta boxes inside the post-editor and save the data you put in them. But what are some practical applications of this technique? Today, the goal is to go over three real world examples of using custom meta boxes to improve the post page. Read More…