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    Mobile Devices: the Gap Between Creation and ConsumptionMobile preview
    In this article, I will discuss some of the major hurdles which mobile phones face, with regard to creating for the web. We’ll mention a few tools along the way, but we’ll be focusing more on the discussion of how the mobile device is fundamentally different from a desktop or a laptop, and what opportunities and restrictions this brings to light.Read More…
  • Mobile Development
    Introduction to Android Design PatternsPreview image@2x
    Previously, you learned about design patterns and how they applied to the iOS platform. In this article, we take a closer look at design patterns on the Android platform and they differ from design patterns on iOS. If you're unfamiliar with design patterns on Android, then this article is for you.Read More…
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    Introduction to iOS Design PatternsPreview image@2x
    Most established mobile platforms have a set of design patterns, written or unwritten guidelines of how things should look, feel, and function. Applying proven design patterns improves the usability of your product, increases conversion, and provides a feeling of familiarity to users. In this article, we take a look at design patterns on iOS.Read More…
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    User Stories: Realizing Large-Scale ProjectsMobiledesign userstories icon2x
    User Stories are a crucial part of managing interdisciplinary teams on complex projects, and they can also be useful for solo developers who want to ensure that they are delivering a quality product. Read on and learn how user stories can enhance your project workflow!Read More…
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    Flat Design and SkeuomorphismMobile design flat flat icon 2x
    The design topics of flat design and skeuomorphism have been widely discussed as of late, particularly with the beta release of iOS 7. Despite this fact, many people are still unaware of these terms and their meanings. Today, we'll explore some of the key features of flat design and how this design trend is different from skeuomorphism.Read More…
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    Designing a Meaningful Social Layer for Mobile ApplicationsSocial layer preview@2x
    Applications with social features have become the norm, but, as a designer, it's important that you question how these social features add value for the user. In this article, we'll explore how to improve an application by designing a meaningful social layer. Read More…
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    Understanding Mobile as a Lean-back MediumMobile design leanback previewretina
    A common misunderstanding occurs when designers look at a mobile device as an extension of their laptop, or, even worse, consider a mobile device as simply a smaller version of a traditional laptop or desktop computer. There is a distinct difference between how we use a traditional computer and a mobile device. Traditional computers represent a lean-forward medium, while mobile devices are essentially a lean-back medium. In this article, I'll show you the difference!Read More…
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    Context Circles in Mobile DesignSven context circles preview retina
    The importance of user experience should never be underestimated when developing mobile applications. If an app fails to deliver during the first experience, the consequence is that you lose a customer. Context circles allow you to better understand customers and craft a more compelling design!Read More…
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    Mobile Experience Design Strategy - CASCADE SFVideo post
    In this video spotlight, Luke Wroblewski talks about user experience design. Using both statistical and real-world examples, Luke makes the case for embracing a "mobile first" design strategy and he shows how innovations in mobile design can positively impact the desktop experience as well. If you're interested in creating engaging mobile experiences, watch this video!Read More…
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    Mixing Metaphors - Swipe ConferenceVideo post
    In this featured session from Swipe Conference 2011, Cathy Shive explores the history, meaning, and use of metaphor and realism in software design.Read More…
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    8 Design Tips for Educating App UsersPreview
    Mobile design is a constant struggle for simplicity. With so little screen space, it can be very challenging to pack the necessary functionality into the design while still keeping it streamlined and intuitive. In order for your users to get the most out of the application, you sometimes have to plant subtle clues or even build a feature walkthrough to show how things work. This tutorial will show you examples of how to do just that!Read More…
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    iOS Design: Transitioning from Desktop to MobilePreview iosdesign
    The distance between desktop application design, web application design, and mobile iOS application design could not be more great. User interface design differs in areas such as screen real estate, user input, and more. In this article, we'll  cover some common and uncommon user interface pitfalls when transitioning to mobile application design.Read More…