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  • Business
    How To Write a Product Feature SetPreview image@2x
    One of the key benefits of a product feature set is that it helps communicate your product vision with others, such as your team or investors. In this article, I'll teach you how to structure your product feature set and what should be covered in such a document.Read More…
  • WordPress
    Generate Social Media Activity With Social LockerWordpress lock
    The freemium WordPress plugin compels readers to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. In this tutorial, you'll learn how the plugin works, understand its pros and cons, and see how you can use it to generate more social media shares for your website.Read More…
  • Business
    How To Create a Minimum Viable ProductPreview image@2x
    Developing a mobile product requires hard work and the results after you launched your application is uncertain. Will it get enough traction? Luckily, there's a method to test possible app ideas you have. You can gain a lot of knowledge by building a minimum viable product. The value of MVPs is that you have to spend less time designing and developing. As a result, you'll get a lot of insight early on.Read More…
  • Android SDK
    10 Alternative Android App StoresPreview image@2x
    You've just written a great Android app and you're ready to make some money from it. The most common route is probably to pay $25 to get it listed on Google Play. However, there are many alternatives to Google Play, each with their own audience that can drive more downloads. Some of these app stores are catered to a smaller audience while others are more localized. Most of them don't charge you for listing your app on their store. It can therefore pay off to publish your app in several app stores.Read More…
  • Marketing
    How to Price Your App: Free or PaidDi7fc preview image@2x
    In this article, I'll talk about the different business models of mobile applications and which one is the right choice for you.Read More…
  • Marketing
    Video Spotlight: Am I Ready to Build an App?Video review2
    Are you thinking about building a business around mobile development? This talk by Outware Mobile Director Danny Gorog is an insightful look at the many challenges of surviving in the App Store ecosystem.Read More…
  • Marketing
    Mobile Marketing: The Three Pillars of a Successful AppMarketing quicktip preview
    If your idea of success is creating a solid product and taking user data to continue the evolution of that product, then this article is for you! Since 2008 I've been involved in the iOS ecosystem. I've spent countless hours reading books and studying successful companies and apps. Below is the most important information I've gathered during my studies.Read More…
  • Marketing
    10 Free Ways to Market Your App!App marketing preview
    Most people think that successful mobile apps get magically downloaded millions of times within days of launching. Think again! Just like any other business, website, or idea, you need to have a solid marketing plan to promote your awesome new mobile app if you want it to be downloaded. Unfortunately, most people also seem to spend every last dime they have on developing their app, and are unfortunately left with a very small marketing budget. This is the exact reason why I've compiled a list of tips to help you kick start your marketing campaign on the cheap!Read More…
  • Marketing
    7 Great Templates to Promote Your App OnlinePreview
    In last week's article, I wrote briefly about the importance of maintaining a strong online web presence to help promote your mobile applications, and I also showed you seven examples of mobile app promotional pages done well. This week, I'll followup on that article by showing you seven HTML/CSS templates you can either download for free or purchase in order to promote your own applications!Read More…
  • Marketing
    7 Great App Promo WebsitesMarketing apps preview
    A strong web presence can make a significant contribution to a successful mobile app launch. For iPhone applications, iTunes provides a description of your application and screenshots. It also provides a website link, and the site you list will say a lot about the development company or individual behind the app. Making a custom landing page will also help you drive sales from other marketing methods, such as search engine traffic or paid advertising. In this article, we will explore 7 great examples of how successful iPhone developers and development companies are using websites to promote their mobile applications. Next week, we will followup with another article showing website templates available for you to quickly create your own promotional sites!Read More…
  • Marketing
    9 Mobile Advertising ServicesAdvertising preview
    Interested in releasing a mobile application and turning a profit with advertising? This post will introduce you to a number of different mobile advertising services and provide a brief description of each.Read More…
  • Marketing
    7 Solutions for Tracking Mobile AnalyticsMobile analytic preview
    Need a way to track metrics for your mobile applications? Interested in how often your users are opening your app over time? This post will introduce you to a number of different mobile analytics solutions and provide a brief description of each. Read More…