• PostCSS
    Using PostCSS Together with Sass, Stylus, or LESSPostcss x
    In this tutorial we’ll touch on some complimentary plugins, then we’ll go through setup guides to show you how to use PostCSS side by side with Sass, Stylus or LESS.Read More…
  • JavaScript
    Recreating the Touch Ripple Effect as Seen on Google DesignGoogle thumb
    Google's new design efforts are vast and justify a significant amount of conversation. But instead of talking about the theory of "Material Design" and the implications of Google's newest efforts, we're going to focus on an interesting technique Google has employed on their Design landing page.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Mobile First With Bootstrap 3Bootstrap 3 preview
    Ok so a couple of weeks now, on it's very own two year anniversary Mark Otto and the rest of the guys responsible for the develop and maintenance of Bootstrap announced the official release of the framework's third version, and it came on steroids, let's see what we're getting.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Using CSS Preprocessors With WordPress - LESS StructuresUsing preprocessors with wordpress what are they
    In the first part of the series I gave a quick overview of the popular preprocessors LESS and SASS. I also covered the frameworks they are usually associated with. In the second part of the series I did a deep dive into LESS and detailed a few of its features. We covered variables, nesting, and mixins. In this part of the series I will be covering how to logically structure your .less files. I will also cover how to connect all of them using imports, and lastly quickly cover magnification.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Using CSS Preprocessors With WordPress - LESS + CodeKitUsing preprocessors with wordpress what are they
    In the first part of this series I gave a quick overview of the popular CSS preprocessors LESS and SASS. I also shared a few of the frameworks in which they are used. I plan on taking a deeper dive into LESS and talking about the parts of the language I use most often. I also plan on showing you how to get started using it with CodeKit. Let's dig in!Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Using CSS Preprocessors With WordPress - What Are They?Using preprocessors with wordpress what are they
    I've been working with WordPress for three years, but it wasn't until a year ago that I got serious about WordPress development. Specifically, I'm passionate about child theming and spend much of my time working in theme development. During the past couple of years, we've seen the rise of CSS preprocessors - mainly, tools that make writing stylesheets easier and make them more maintainable. In this series, we're going to take a look at what preprocessors are, what popular ones are available, and how we can integrate them into our theme development.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Sass vs. LESS vs. Stylus: Preprocessor Shootout200x200
    Wielding the true power of a CSS preprocessor is an adventure. There are countless languages, syntaxes, and features, all ready for use right now. In this article, we will be covering the various features and benefits of using three different preprocessors—Sass, LESS, and Stylus.Read More…
  • Theme Development
    Using Less CSS, BluePrint and WP for a Faster WorkflowLess css thumb
    Less.CSS is becoming a popular tool for making stylesheets "dynamic". I've been working with integrating Less.CSS with WordPress for a while now, so today we're going to be looking at a short tutorial on how to get started with using it and the BluePrint CSS framework for a faster workflow in WordPress.Read More…
  • Web Development
    11 Tools to Instantly Code FasterInstantly code faster
    Twice a month, we revisit or update some of our readers’ favorite posts and sessions from throughout the history of Nettuts+. This tutorial was first published last September. Doesn't the title say it all? There are a wide variety of tools and techniques which can drastically improve the speed at which we code. Particularly during time-sensitive settings, even a savings of a few seconds per iteration can add up substantially over the course of the month. I'll show you eleven of my favorite tools in this article. Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Quick Tip: Never Type a Vendor Prefix AgainLess
    You know the drill quite well. Want to give some section of your website rounded corners with CSS3? Then you'll require nothing short of three vendor prefixes: webkit, moz, and the W3C recommended form. Isn't that a huge waste of time -- not to mention screen space? What if, instead, we could use a class file? Well, we can! I'll show you how today. Read More…
  • PHP
    How to Squeeze the Most out of LESSPreview
    During a sick day a few weeks ago, I got around to something I've been meaning to look at for about a year: LESS. If anything web technology is worth a look, I promise LESS is. In this article, we'll look at the amazing power of LESS and its ability to streamline and improve your development process. We'll cover rapid prototyping, building a lightweight grid system, and using CSS3 with LESS.Read More…
  • HTML & CSS
    Web Dev Q&A #1: Callbacks, LESS, and Floats200x200
    Today marks the first entry in a new "Web Dev Q&A" series. I'm often emailed concerning various web development related questions. Though some are more specific than others, many of these, I'm sure, would appeal to all of our readers. As such, each week or so, we'll post a new batch of question and answers from the community, in both article and video form, for your convenience. This week, we discuss JavaScript callback functions, a LESS compiler, and those tricky CSS floats. Read More…
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