Internet Explorer

  • JavaScript
    Improve JavaScript Performance Analysis Results With User MarksPreview
    When working on advanced JavaScript code, like a 3D engine, you may ask yourself what you can do to optimize, and how much time you should spend in some specific pieces of code. In this tutorial, I will share several tools that provide insight into how your code is performing, and show you how to make the most of user marks in the memory graph to analyze your performance.Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Strategies for Testing IE on Different PlatformsIe
    You might believe that web developers who use Windows as their primary OS have it easy, when testing Internet Explorer; simply click on the blue "E" and go to town. That might be true if they only had to worry about the version of IE on their PC, but we all know that's not the case. Depending on your project's needs, you may need to ensure compatibility from IE6 through IE10, which certainly poses some challenges. How do we deal with this?Read More…
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    A Peek at Internet Explorer's Developer ToolsIe
    I hate debugging, and have never met any developer who argued otherwise. It's a drag to have to go through your code and figure out why it's broken. And most importantly, it's an admission that my code is broken and that I'm not infallible! Heresy, I say!Read More…
  • Editorials
    The Things Internet Explorer Got RightPreview
    It’s the browser that everyone loves to hate—sometimes justifiably so. What was once the most innovative browser became the thorn in every front-end developer’s side. Amidst the turmoil and complaints today’s developers throw at Internet Explorer, what’s often not heard is how Microsoft changed the face of not only front-end development, but web development as a whole.Read More…
  • Reviews
    Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Reviewed and BenchmarkedPreview
    Microsoft is making some bold claims with the release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta. They explain that other browsers, unlike IE9 Beta, only use 10% of your PC's capabilities; they show how websites will be streamlined and work faster by taking advantage of your graphics processing unit (GPU), and how a range of new features will provide a richer experience when combined with Windows 7. Today, we will be looking at what new features IE9 Beta has to offer, and how it performs when bench-marked against Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Quick Tip: The Best Way to Run Internet Explorer on your MacInternet explorer for mac
    While Mac users do have a handful of resources available, when viewing new web designs in Internet Explorer, the quickest solution is to use Wine, which can create a "wrapper" for the native PC Internet Explorer app! Even better, an app, called Wine Bottler makes adding the IE icon to your dock amazingly simple. I'll show you what to do in today's video quick tip! Read More…
  • News
    5 Easy Ways to Tackle IE6's Transparency Issues200x200
    You create the perfect site in Photoshop using the latest trends. Half of your backgrounds contain a nice 50% opacity to simulate depth. The only problem comes from that darn old IE6, and how it decides to display a nasty gray background. You try to search the web for a solution, but there are dozens of choices. How do you know which methods are the best? In today's screencast, I'll show you five easy ways to deal with this issue. Read More…