• Mobile Development
    In the Spotlight: Brian LeRouxPreview image@2x
    The explosive growth of the mobile space has accelerated the search for a robust and viable cross-platform solution. In 2008, shortly after the introduction of the iPhone SDK and after fiddling with Cocoa and Objective-C, Brian LeRoux and his colleagues at Nitobi decided that their time was better spent building a cross-platform solution than building native mobile applications.Read More…
  • Mobile Web Apps
    iOS 5: Fixed Positioning and Content ScrollingIos5 fixedpos
    Two of the most celebrated enhancements to Safari on iOS 5 are fixed positioning and content scrolling support. This tutorial will teach you how to take advantage of this change and what the implications are for stop-gap JavaScript libraries like iScroll. Read More…
  • Mobile Web Apps
    iOS 5 for Web Devs: Safari Mobile UpdatesSafari5 html5
    Native iOS developers aren't the only ones with something to be excited about when it comes to developing for iOS 5. A new version of Safari Mobile was released alongside the latest operating system, and mobile web developers now have many new features to experiment with. Get up to speed on the changes in this article!Read More…
  • Mobile Web Apps
    Introduction to iScrollMain
    In this tutorial I will teach you how to use iScroll 4 to create a simple mobile web site. The site we create will have a fixed header and a fixed footer with content that can be easily scrolled in-between. As we'll see, achieving this effect on both Android and iOS isn't as easy as you might think!Read More…
  • Mobile Web Apps
    Mobile Web Quick Tip: Phone Number LinksQuicktip
    This quick tip demonstrates how to create phone number links with HTML. The techniques in this tip work on both Android and iPhone devices and can greatly improve the experience of mobile web site visitors.Read More…
  • Mobile Web Apps
    Full Screen Web AppsHide address bar
    One of the first problems encountered when building a mobile web app from scratch is the amount of space consumed by the browser's address bar. This tutorial will demonstrate how to reclaim the screen real estate otherwise lost to the address bar while accounting for orientation changes, content height problems, and internal document links.Read More…