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    WordPress Development and Deployment With MAMP, Git and DropboxTutorial logo
    Nowadays in order to be a freelance WordPress developer you often need to develop simultaneously several WordPress sites for different clients. Here's how.Read More…
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    Instant WordPress Development With WAMPRequired
    Speed up WordPress development by combining WordPress with WAMP. This tutorial will show you how to add a direct WordPress install of the latest version from within the WampServer. This will cut down on development time as well as supply you with a new fresh version of WordPress and a database all in one shot. The WordPress script was created by "Ohad Raz from Bainternet", if you have a chance you should check out all of the plugins and scripts that he has written for WordPress. Just to list a few, Options panel, Shortcodes UI, Simple QR codes and of course the Simple WordPress Auto Installer.Read More…
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    Connecting a WordPress Domain to Google AppsGoogle site verificaion preview
    At WP Engine, we are often asked for email hosting recommendations. Unless it’s an enterprise client with hundreds or thousands of accounts, we recommend Google Apps for email. Gmail has done email so well that it doesn’t make sense to get email anywhere else, especially when gmail is free. This tutorial will help you set up Gmail for a unique domain name for your business, blog, or whatever you’ve built on WordPress: More…
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    Optimizing WordPress Loading Speed With header.php & .htaccessSpeed preview
    Website loading speed matters a lot for every blog/website, especially for people with shared hosting – which is the cheapest available hosting service. Here are a few .htaccess and header.php tricks to increase your website loading speed by 50-70%Read More…
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    Activating Ludicrous Speed: Combine CloudFlare With a CDN on Your BlogPreview
    If you're trying to speed up your blog, you've probably used techniques such as optimizing your images, getting rid of unnecessary plugins and scripts, and minifying your CSS and JavaScript. However, optimizing the content on your local server can only go so far. The next step in the blog speed game is taking advantage of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).Read More…
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    Using wp-cli for Fun and ProfitPreview image
    See how you can perform common WordPress tasks faster or even automate them by using the power of bash.Read More…
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    WordPress Multisite Beyond Basics: Essentials and Domain MappingPreview
    Today we will be discussing a few very important aspects of WordPress Multisite. If you are new to WordPress Multisite please go through the WordPress installation tutorial first to get an overall idea of the Multisite feature in WordPress. In this tutorial I shall be discussing a few key things essential for WordPress Multisite installation, along with some common troubleshooting tips. Finally I shall discuss WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping in detail.Read More…
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    Download and Install WordPress via the Shell Over SSHDownload ssh
    Normally you install WordPress by downloading the ZIP file, uncompressing it on your PC, going into the wordpress subfolder, uploading and running the script and not to mention going to your host's control panel to get the database setup and everything. Others do it by using Fantastico or SimpleInstall utilities available via their host's control panel. There is nothing wrong with those methods except the first one takes quite some time and the second method is not foolproof to say the least.Read More…
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    The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Speeding Up Your WordPress SiteUwo
    Give your site a boost! Implement crucial optimization techniques that will improve not only your ySlow score, but your Google rank too. In this tutorial we will cover all aspects of W3 caching, ySlow, Google page speed, CSS sprites & htaccess rules, to achieve a high ySlow score like i have done on my blog.Read More…
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    How to Sync A Local & Remote WordPress Blog Using Version ControlPreview
    Ever wondered how you might use Version Control with WordPress? If you prefer to work on your WordPress projects locally but have to get them to sync remotely, this tutorial is for you. You have probably tried to synchronize between the two setups by manually uploading the changed files and using PHPmyAdmin to export and import your database once changed, and (very likely) broke something in the process. In this tutorial, we are going to automate the syncing process; so you can concentrate on what you are supposed to do instead of wrestling with never-ending migrations.Read More…
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    Migrating WordPress Across Hosts, Servers and URLsMigrate wordpress thumbnail
    Last week we took a look at how to migrate a WordPress installation from a local server to production. Today we are going to take a beginner's approach to moving your WordPress Blog either to a new host/server or even changing it's address (url). So if you are changing your provider or just need a change in address (or even both) here is an in depth video on how to do it. If you're a developer, this video is going to be very basic, but it's a great reference for anyone who is trying out their first migration.Read More…
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    Migrating a WordPress Site From a Local Server to ProductionPreview
    Integral to any WordPress developer's arsenal is the local server. In this tutorial, I want to walk you all the way from installing a local server to theming, exporting databases, and beyond.Read More…