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    The ABCs of Web Development200
    Web development can often be an utterly perplexing affair. Today, aimed at beginners, I'd like to introduce you to twenty six concepts or technologies, each mapping to a letter of the alphabet. Sounds wonky? It probably is! Let's get started after the jump.Read More…
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    The Little (In-House) Shop Of HorrorsPreview
    I’ve been a front-end web developer for nearly ten years. Like many of you, over that time, I’ve read many books, industry blogs, and online magazines, featuring the latest and greatest tutorials, theory, and practice. There’s a problem though: I haven’t been able to use much of what I’ve learned at my day job. My name is Jason Occhipinti, and I’m a recovering in-house web developer.Read More…
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    Professional WordPress Development: Tools03 tools preview
    In this series, we've been reviewing topics for Professional WordPress Development aimed at those who are looking to improve their professional WordPress development skills. At this point, we've covered strategies and environmental practices, but we've yet to examine some of the tools that are more common in WordPress development. In this article, we'll be taking a survey of the various tools, utilities, and plugins that contribute to building and maintaining successful projects.Read More…
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    Professional WordPress Development: Environments02 environments preview
    In this series, we're taking a look at the various practices that are used in professional WordPress development. In the previous article, we reviewed a set of strategies and reference material that are useful when building themes, plugins, and WordPress-based applications. In this article, we'll take a look at version control and environmental configurations that make it easy to develop, test, and deploy our work to minimize the amount of errors that find their way into final versions of our work.Read More…
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    Professional WordPress Development: Strategies01 strategies preview
    Working in the WordPress community is both a blessing and a curse. Because of its open source nature, we have a fantastic platform on which to build websites, themes, plugins, and even applications. It's got a smart community around it, rich documentation, and standards that aim to provide the way to write code for it and the way to build tools around it. At the same time, the open source nature of WordPress as well as the languages with which it's built allow anyone to ship their work regardless of if it is up to any kind of standard or uses any kind of best practice. For many users, they're none-the-wiser about what's going on under the hood. If the product works, they're happy. As people who are serious about their craft, we absolutely cannot settle for "just getting it to work." We have to care about what's under the hood. If you're a serious WordPress developer, then you likely already have a method to how you work, but if you're just getting started or are looking to define yourself as a professional WordPress developer, then there are strategies, environments, and tools that you can utilize that can help. In this three article series, we're going to look at exactly what those are and how they apply in our project work. First, we'll start with strategies.Read More…
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    TextExpander for Web DevelopersTextexpander logo
    For those unfamiliar, TextExpander is a fantastic productivity app for Mac that has the potential to save you hundreds of hours over the course of a year, and, with the latest release of Version 4, it's now better than ever. The basic idea is simple: allow the user to assign abbreviations, which will be expanded to larger strings of text. But, once you really dig into the app, you'll discover just how powerful it can be for web developers.Read More…
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    Functionality: Plugins vs ThemesThumb
    There are a lot of factors that influence performance on your WordPress site, and one of the tricks that "experts" will often tell you to do is avoid plugins. They will tell you it is better to place functionality inside of your theme, instead of activating a plugin. Is this true?Read More…
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    From FTP to Git: A Deployment StoryFrom ftp to git
    Once upon a time, there was a file. It was on your computer, and you wanted to get it on a server.Read More…
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    3 New Relic Power Features You Should Be Using Today26015
    You already know that New Relic provides deep performance metrics for your Java, .NET, PHP, Python or Ruby application. But are you familiar with the power features that can bring your knowledge about your app to a new level? Don't let the name fool you. While these features have serious power, they are easy to get started with. In this tutorial, I'll get you up and running with three powerful New Relic features you should be using today.Read More…
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    The Principles of Agile DevelopmentPreview
    Agile or Agile Development – we hear these words more often these days. But do we really know what it is all about? How can it help us become more effective, while having lots of fun developing software? How can we use it to communicate with business people and make this communication easy and constructive for both sides?Read More…
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    Coding WordPress With AndroidCodingwordpresswithandroid
    We've already seen that it's possible to do WordPress coding on the iPad, but what about coding with Android? This article will go over the development of WordPress via a tablet running Google's Android OS.Read More…
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    Designing With and Running WordPress From a TabletPreview
    The market for tablets has exploded over the past two years and everyday they're being put into the hands of new users. What does that mean for you, as a WordPress developer and/or user? Well, it means more and more tablets are probably going to be visiting your site, and we've already looked in depth at the considerations you should be making for that with things like responsive design that are becoming a staple part of web design.Read More…