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    Easy Ways to Contribute to Open-source ProjectsOpen source retina preview
    When the jQuery project first started, I remember how passionate the team was about helping developers use the jQuery JavaScript library. It was a labor of love with all of us putting in countless numbers of hours, day and night, to help grow the project and the developer community. And we did those for free because we just loved doing it. But as the project grew, so did the expectations from the community in terms of features and support. And this is where most open-source efforts fail to scale. Read More…
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    Kickstarting Your Rails EducationRails education retina preview
    It's been a long time since I last coded on the server-side. In fact, if you've read some of my tutorials, you may have noticed that I use ColdFusion as my application server. While ColdFusion still works great, it definitely doesn't have the panache and coolness of newer server-side technologies like Ruby on Rails. Wanting to be a bit more modern, I've decided to jump on the Ruby on Rails train. Both Ruby and the Rails framework are proven technologies that are stable and widely embraced so I think it's a great direction to head to in my server-side renaissance.Read More…
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    The Learning ConundrumLearning conundrum retina preview
    When I started working in information technology professionally in 1989, things were pretty easy in terms of choosing a direction to head into. At least in my area (South Florida), you went into one of the following areas: Network and systems management Database administration Software development Project management-related tasks (including QA work) Read More…
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    Resources to Get You Up to Speed in AngularJSAngular js
    Some of you may have read my Ember.js series of articles and realized I'm pretty smitten with the framework. But as a professional developer, it's important that I consider other tools and take the time to vet them properly. One of the frameworks that everyone keeps telling me to look at is AngularJS. It aims to make building complex web apps easier but from experience, I know that most frameworks have a learning curve. It's never just dive in and code.Read More…
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    What Are You Using?Preview 400
    We spend a lot of time following the thought leaders in web development, in many cases using the tools and libraries they've built, reading the posts they've written, articulating cool techniques they've learned, and in some cases, attending the defining conference for a specific language. But wouldn't it be great to learn what they focus on and what they use to build such awesomeness?Read More…
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    10 Tips for Learning a New TechnologyLearn tech 499
    We live in a very exciting time. Never before has education been so cheaply available to the masses (if not free). The medium, itself, has made tectonic shifts from a classroom setting, to blogs, screencasts and complete university classes, as a set of videos and interactive forums. Given these resources, there's absolutely no excuse not to dive in and learn. However, with such a wealth of resources, filtering through the options can often become overwhelming. In this article, I will outline a simple process to kick-start your education.Read More…
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    Developing Plugins With a Distributed TeamDeveloping plugins with a distributed team1
    Recently, I had the opportunity to build a plugin with two other developers - Pippin Williamson and Andrew Norcross. We came up with the idea via Twitter, scoped it via email, and built it using GitHub using its tools all prior to releasing it.Read More…
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    Round Table #1: Should Exceptions Ever be Used for Flow Control?Flow control 400
    I'm pleased to release our first ever round table, where we place a group of developers in a locked room (not really), and ask them to debate one another on a single topic. In this first entry, we discuss exceptions and flow control. Read More…
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    The 11 Phases of a Web Developer’s Career (As Illustrated by Memes)Screenshot
    The career of a web developer is an interesting one with many slopes. Considering a learning curve this steep, you can fully expect to live through periods of frustration, enlightenment, self-righteousness, and every mindset in between. In this article, we'll have some fun, by reviewing each of these phases through the lens of a meme! Read More…
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    A Beginner's Guide to Enqueuing jQueryA beginners guide to enqueuing jquery1
    One of the best things about WordPress is its vibrant economy. For many users, it's trivially easy to find themes to fit the design for which they're aiming, or to find plugins that provide functionality that they want to introduce into their site. But how many of you - as developers or designers - have a received that phone call or that email in which the customer claims that something is wrong with their site only to discover that the browser console displays something about an error having to do with JavaScript or jQuery?Read More…
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    Learning How to Contribute to WordPress: Beyond the CodeLearning how to contribute to wordpress new
    Last time I wrote about contributing to WordPress, I was primarily thinking about contributing to WordPress Core, that is the software itself. This time, let's discuss all the other ways you can contribute to WordPress, besides through code.Read More…
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    TDD Terminology SimplifiedTdd cycle
    The core idea of Test-Driven Development (TDD) is writing tests before writing any functional code, and then writing only the least possible amount of code required to make the tests pass. It may sound strange to develop in this fashion, but it's actually quite useful, as the test base doubles as a partial specification of the main code. Given such a simple premise, however, there is an amazing amount of terminology and techniques. In this article, I gather the most important terms and buzzwords that you might hear, and define them.Read More…