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Game Design

  • Game Design
    Create a Balloon Popping Game in FlashGame development
    One of the most popular Flash games ever is Bloons, in which you play a monkey throwing darts to pop balloons. It's spawned numerous sequels, even branching out into other genres like tower defense. This tutorial will show you how to create your own balloon popping game, using the QuickBox2D engine.Read More…
  • Game Design
    Create a Flash "Alphabet Soup" Wordsearch GameGame development
    Today I'll show you how to create a simple wordsearch with a neat "highlighter" interface, which is easy to modify with your own words and layout. We'll be using Flash and AS3. Read on!Read More…
  • Lectures
    Weekend Lecture: Egoraptor Discusses Megaman's Game DesignMegaman vs megaman x
    Interested in game design? This weekend, we feature an interesting look at game design in the NES game Megaman and its SNES sequel Megaman X, through a video by Egoraptor.Read More…
  • Game Design
    Create a Three Shell Game in FlashGame development
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to design and code a Flash version of the classic street-side shell game. The main difference is, ours won't cheat!Read More…
  • Game Design
    Effectively Organize Your Game's Development With a Game Design DocumentThumbnail200x200
    Have you ever dived right in to developing a game, but found yourself having to constantly change aspects of the design or the gameplay due to a lack of planning? You should consider using a game design document: a guiding vision of the game as a whole, pulling together ideas and plans for the design, development, and business sides of your game.Read More…
  • Game Design
    Design and Develop a Fantastic Flash Shooting Gallery GameGame development
    In this Premium Tutorial, we'll learn how to combine several ActionScript 3 classes and skills to create a fantastic shooting gallery game.Read More…