• Workflow
    Setting Up a Flash Development Sandbox: Part 1Preview
    Welcome to part one of the Flash Development Sandbox Tutorial! In this tutorial we're going cover ActionScript development outside of the Flash IDE. As much as we would like to put it off, the day is coming closer and closer when we will no longer be able to write complex applications in Flash and will be forced to choose a different editor.Read More…
  • Roundups
    20 Useful Flash ComponentsPreviewcustom
    Here is a list of my 20 favorite flash components. Some are freebies, though most of them are for sale. Have fun browsing!Read More…
  • Effects
    Create an iPhone-like Flip Effect in Flash Using ActionScript 3.0Preview
    In this tutorial, we'll recreate the Flip Effect used in the iPhone's UI using Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0.Read More…
  • Flash
    Build an XML Driven Contact List Using Flex 3Preview
    The goal in this tutorial is to built a contact list which loads dynamically from an external XML file. When the user selects a different contact, the data will automatically update to display properly. We'll also be applying some basic stylesheet changes to the results and give the project a more customized touch.Read More…
  • Flash
    PHP FormPicture4
    A simple php form.Read More…
  • ActionScript 3.0 Classes
    AS3 Dotted Line ClassDotted line preview
    Here is an ActionScript 3 class I use all the time to draw pixel perfect dotted lines in Flash. Free for any use other than reselling.Read More…
  • XML
    Build a Dynamic Flash and XML Slideshow with Scripted TransitionsPreview
    Content updates in Flash can be difficult and time consuming due to the many steps involved. Simply reading content from an XML file means that importing new assets and recompiling the swf is no longer necessary. This tutorial will cover dynamically loading images from an XML file and then deal with inconsistencies in image dimensions using the GreenSock Tween Max animation library. Read More…
  • ActionScript
    Create a Fully Customizable Scrollbar in FlashPreviewimage
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a customizable scrollbar in Flash. The scrollbar will move targeted assets from left to right smoothly and would integrate well with a simple image gallery. Shane uses Flash CS4 but the technique is also compatible with CS3.Read More…
  • Effects
    Create a Slick Image Revealer in Flash Using ActionScript 3Preview
    In this tutorial, we'll create an animated mask image revealer, which will involve movie clips, masks and ActionScript 3.Read More…
  • Effects
    Build an Efficient Flash DecalSheet SystemDecal preview
    I came up with the idea of creating what I call Flash DecalSheets from the stickers that come with model airplanes and have been using "Decals" to skin my own Flash applications ever since. A DecalSheet is basically one large image (.JPG, .PNG, or .GIF) that gets cut up into smaller images called 'Decals', which are Bitmaps and can be used anywhere DisplayObjects would usually be used. This technique is one of the most efficient ways of bringing lots of assets into a Flash application without relying on the Library (if you are using the Flash IDE) or the Embed tag (if you are using the Flex Compiler). Let's take a look at how to make a simple DecalSheet system.Read More…
  • News
    What is Flashtuts+?200 whatis
    Flashtuts+ joins Psdtuts+, Vectortuts+, Audiotuts+, Aetuts+ and Nettuts+ as Envato’s newest Tuts+ site. It’s all about quality tutorials for Adobe Flash. Whether you want to learn how to create awesome Flash animations and interfaces, bone up on your Actionscript to create games and apps, or just get started developing with Flash, we've got you covered! Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the new editor of Flashtuts+ and what we’ll be offering on the site.Read More…
  • News
    Tell Us What You Want!200 feedback
    Flashtuts+ is a brand new site, meaning now is the best time to have your say on what you’d like to see here. Whether you’re dying for AS3 tutorials, awesome tweening demonstrations, articles on broad Flash topics like components and libraries, or anything else in the Flash universe, we'd like to hear from you! And you can suggest not just particular topics, but feedback on how you think the site should operate, site suggestions any other ideas you wish to share with the editorial team.Read More…