• Games
    FlashPunk UI Components: Advanced Graphics, Extra Skins, and PolishPreview
    In this tutorial we'll finish what we started in the first part of this UI with FlashPunk mini-series. We'll learn how to customize the graphics of our components, and make a few adjustments to make our UI perfect.Read More…
  • Critique
    Workshop: Google Calendar - CritiqueGooglecalendarpreview
    In this week's critique, Ashish Bogawat gives us a detailed rundown of Google Calendar - specifically, its web-based front end.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    The Math and ActionScript of Curves: Drawing Quadratic and Cubic CurvesCurves
    We see lines used in a lot of scenarios. Curves are also used, although perhaps not as frequently - but that doesn't undermine their importance! In this tutorial we shall take a closer look at curves, particularly the quadratic and cubic curve, along with some of their commonly used mathematical features.Read More…
  • Lectures
    Weekend Lecture: Understanding Games, a Flash Game About Game DesignPreview
    Interested in game design? This weekend, we feature a set of four interactive lectures: games that are about game design, by Pixelate.Read More…
  • Challenge
    Workshop Coding Challenge: Fix This Breakout GameBreakoutchallenge
    It can be tricky to sit down and practise new coding techniques, so here's a fun exercise to encourage you to play with collision detection and reaction, as covered by Kah Shiu. Update: I've added an HTML5 version to go alongside the existing Flash version - enjoy!Read More…
  • Workflow
    Enable the Latest AIR SDK in Flash Professional CS5.5+Logo
    New versions of the Adobe AIR SDK are often released between Flash Professional release cycles, using this tutorial, you'll be able to always use the latest Adobe AIR version in your IDE. This will allow you to enable Stage3D development within Flash Professional for both AIR and SWF projects.Read More…
  • News
    Quick Tip: Versioning Your Files With Dropbox (via Webdesigntuts+)Dropbox preview
    Ian Yates of Webdesigntuts+ has posted a great Quick Tip explaining how you can use Dropbox or Google Drive as a simple, automated version control system. It's worth checking out for web app and game developers too, so check it out below.Read More…
  • Critique
    Workshop: Nuclear Outrun - CritiqueNuclearoutrun
    This week, Matt Porter critiques another recently released game: Nuclear Outrun, developed by Nerdook Productions.Read More…
  • Explanatory
    Understanding Variables, Arrays, Loops, and Null: The Post-it Note AnalogyPreview
    What does var actually do, and why doesn't setting myObject = null actually remove the object? These questions tie in to a fundamental concept in coding, relevant whether your language of choice is AS3, JavaScript, or C#, and can be understood using a few common items from the stationery cupboard.Read More…
  • News
    Which Tuts+ Site Should We Launch Next?Nextsitepoll
    We're planning our next few Tuts+ sites, and would love your opinion and advice on which topics you think we should cover next! We'd be really grateful if you could take a minute to answer our quick poll and share your thoughts...Read More…
  • General
    Flash's Underrated "Graphic" SymbolGraphic symbol
    I can't tell you how many articles and tutorials I have come across on how to use symbols in Flash that immediately dismiss the graphic symbol as having no practical purpose, relegating it as just a step above grouping items. This article will attempt to dispel this myth by showing that the graphic symbol actually has some pretty cool and convenient features and knowing how and when to utilize them is a nice tool to have when you're creating animations in Flash.Read More…
  • Games
    Generating Ghosts That Follow in Your FootstepsPreview
    Path following is a simple concept to grasp: the object moves from point A to point B to point C, and so on. But what if we want our object to follow the path of the player, like ghosts in racing games? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to achieve this with waypoints in AS3.Read More…