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  • ActionScript
    The Math and ActionScript of Curves: RootsCollision
    In the first tutorial of this series, we took a look at drawing curves using equations and AS3. Now, we're going to tackle solving those equations to find the roots of a curve - that is, the places where the curve crosses a given straight line. We can use this to predict collisions with curved surfaces, and to avoid "tunnelling" in Flash games.Read More…
  • Games
    Using the Kongregate API in Your Flash GamesKongregate
    Kongregate is one of the largest Flash game portals on the net, and has its own API that can be integrated into your games (for which Kongregate even rewards you financially). In this tutorial, I'll show you how to implement the Kongregate API into your games, and also go into detail about what the API is capable of and why you should use it.Read More…
  • Freebies
    Tr.ace() 2.0: An Excellent AS3 Debugging UtilityPreview
    Last year, we released Tr.ace(), an open source debugging tool for Flash that expanded on the built-in trace() function. Now, Tr.ace() v2.0 introduces several new features including the much requested "textfield console" to help you squash those bugs once and for all!Read More…
  • Lectures
    Weekend Lecture: Learning to Love JavaScriptJavascript logo
    With Google I/O 2012 coming up soon, I thought it'd be a great idea to look back at some excellent talks from past events. This week, let's watch Alex Russell explain how to learn to love JavaScript.Read More…
  • HTML5
    Quick Tip: JavaScript Web Workers Move Hard Work to the BackgroundWebworkers
    A web worker is a JS script that runs in the background, separately from other scripts, allowing us to introduce threading in our web apps. Although not part of the HTML5 spec, web workers can be used with HTML5 apps. In this Quick Tip, we'll take a look at how to use them.Read More…
  • Critique
    Workshop: Teamup Calendar - CritiqueLogo200
    Last time I did a critique, I suggested that Google Calendar was by far one of the last standing dedicated calendar web apps out there. This time around we look at a probable competitor: Teamup Calendar. Like Google's offering, Teamup Calendar aims for the calendar-based scheduling app domain. Let's see how this web based calendar app stacks up and whether it stands on its own as a viable alternative.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    View 3DS Models With Away3D 4.0 BetaTeapot
    In this tutorial we’ll learn how to load and display a 3DS model file in Flash, using Away3D 4.0 beta and Stage3D's GPU hardware acceleration.Read More…
  • Design
    Flash Tips and Best Practices for Designers: DrawingPreview2
    The first time I used Flash was around 13 years ago. It was version 3 and Flash was hailed as the fancy new vector based animation tool that would soon take the web design world by storm. Over the years, Flash has grown into a fully-fledged rich application development tool, packed to the brim with ActionScript goodness. What a lot of people seem to be forgetting though, is how much Flash is still a designer's tool, letting us create artwork and animations the old-fashioned draw-and-move-around way.Read More…
  • Lectures
    Weekend Lecture: Chrome's Developer ToolsChrome logo
    Google I/O 2012 is less than a month away, so I thought it'd be appropriate to look back at a great talk from Google I/O 2011: Chrome Dev Tools Reloaded, presented by Paul Irish and Pavel Feldman. If you're a JavaScript developer making games or apps for the browser, you should watch this.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    What's a Configuration Object, and Why Bother Using It?Preview
    It's a pain to have to change the parameters of a function; you have to change every other call to that function in order to avoid errors. But you can get around this by using just one parameter: a configuration object.Read More…
  • Critique
    Workshop: Keeper of the Grove - CritiqueKeeper of the grove critique
    In today's game critique, Matt Porter takes a look at the new hit tower defense game, Keeper of the Grove, developed by BooblyC.Read More…
  • Lectures
    Weekend Lecture: Juice It or Lose ItJuice it or lose it
    Got 15 minutes to spare? Watch Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho explain how to use the concept of "juiciness" to turn a boring old Breakout clone into something way more exciting.Read More…