• ActionScript
    What's a Configuration Object, and Why Bother Using It?Preview
    It's a pain to have to change the parameters of a function; you have to change every other call to that function in order to avoid errors. But you can get around this by using just one parameter: a configuration object.Read More…
  • Explanatory
    Understanding Variables, Arrays, Loops, and Null: The Post-it Note AnalogyPreview
    What does var actually do, and why doesn't setting myObject = null actually remove the object? These questions tie in to a fundamental concept in coding, relevant whether your language of choice is AS3, JavaScript, or C#, and can be understood using a few common items from the stationery cupboard.Read More…
  • Explanatory
    Understanding Bitwise OperatorsBitwiseoperators
    Bitwise operators are those strange looking operators that may look hard to understand... but not any more! This easy to follow article will help you understand what they are and how to use them, with a couple of practical examples as well to show you when and why you'd need them.Read More…
  • Explanatory
    What Is Dart, and Why Should You Care?Intro to dart
    In this tutorial, I'll introduce you to Google's new web programming language, Dart, and explain why you should like it and what you need to know about it. Learn about this new language and form some opinions about it - will it really replace JavaScript?Read More…
  • Explanatory
    Why Bother With jQuery? A Guide for (Former) Flash DevelopersWhy bother with jquery
    If you, like many Flash developers, are looking into using HTML5 for your web apps, you'll almost certainly have come across jQuery. It's a very popular JavaScript library, used by a large percentage of the most visited websites - but what's all the fuss about, and should you use it?Read More…