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    The Holy Grail of Conference Talks: Live CodingHoly grail of conference talks live coding
    If you've ever been to a code-focused conference before, you can surely attest to the fact that the number of live-coding talks is incredibly low. The reason why is obvious: they're super, super hard! Imagine coding on stage in front of hundreds of people, when, all of the sudden, something goes wrong, and your code breaks! In real life, a few minutes of debugging is a non-issue. On stage, even a single moment of silence is a speaker's nightmare. So, should we never attempt such talks? Absolutely not! You simply have to prepare in the right ways. I'll provide a few tips in this article.Read More…
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    From Scrum to LeanScrum to lean
    While Scrum's primary goal is organization and project management, Lean is more about optimizing processes in order to quickly produce quality products. It can be your first step toward adopting Agile principles, or it may be something that your team evolves to, when Scrum isn't enough. I invite you to read my team's story, and how we evolved from Scrum to a more Lean-ish development process.Read More…
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    Why 2013 is the Year of PHP2013 php
    2012 was an excellent year for the PHP community, thanks to many badly needed features being added to version 5.4, as well as the countless projects, advancing PHP to the next level. In this article, I'd like to review a handful of the issues that people had with PHP in the past, and provide a glimpse at why 2013 just may be the year of PHP!Read More…
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    Publishers: Don't Restrict WritersRestricting writers
    Today, I'd like to take a few moments to focus on something that affects us all, but isn't specifically code related. What I'm referring to is the people who commission the traditional books and magazine articles that you read and learn from every day.Read More…
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    AppFog vs. HerokuHeroku appfog
    Choosing a platform as a service (PAAS) for your new web application can be a difficult and confusing task. There are countless platforms to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. To aid in your decision, I have selected two of the best options available. I will go over some of the key aspects in each PAAS so that you can make a more informed decision.Read More…
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    jQuery in 2013 - or How to Properly Drop IE200x200
    It's a well-known fact that the folks at Microsoft have long had their tail between their legs, because of IE. The proverbial enemy of every front-end developer and the go-to brunt of the joke at conferences and chatrooms (and even in client meetings) has been IE8 and below. Let's move past the IE bashing, and talk about jQuery's plan to drop support for old IE.Read More…
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    Reshaping Our Perception of SuccessJob titles
    Over the course of these last two weeks, I had the pleasure of attending an Envato meetup/conference in Malaysia. As you might expect, Envato is composed of ridiculously smart and talented folks…folks so smart that it quickly becomes intimidating! But I’m not here to talk about the conference specifically; instead, I’d prefer to ramble a bit on one of my largest takeaways from the event.Read More…
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    Do You Exclusively Use webkit Prefixes?Prefixes
    You've undoubtedly read about the vendor prefix web development drama of the week. If not, the W3C mailing lists have been on fire ever since it was discussed (and essentially announced) that Microsoft, Opera, and Firefox will begin to adopt and style webkit-prefixed properties. One of the reasons behind this decision is that we developers aren't being responsible when coding our stylesheets; we're applying too many webkit-specific properties, without considering other browsers. Upon hearing this, I was left thinking to myself: is this really true? Read More…
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    Should You Learn CoffeeScript?Preview
    I'd imagine that I represent a large portion of the web development community. I'm very intrigued by CoffeeScript; I've even learned the syntax and used it in a few demos. However, I haven't yet taken the plunge and used it in a real project. It comes down to this one question for me: is CoffeeScript something that is truly worth investing time and effort into learning? I wasn't sure, so I compiled a list of frequently asked questions (along with a few of my own), and asked some masters in the industry - on both sides of the fence - for their advice. Read More…
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    Why Many Developers Hate ASP.NET… and Why They’re WrongDonthateonnet
    Few platforms draw the same amount of ire as ASP.NET (or .NET in general) from the development community. While there are certainly valid criticisms of the platform (what platform doesn’t?), the majority of negativity comes from those who haven’t spent any time with .NET. Those developers typically rely on misconceptions or flat out hatred to base their opinion, and they do a disservice to others looking to learn a new technology and to the platform itself. So, let’s examine these excuses and add a dose of reality on why you shouldn't listen to the rabble and give ASP.NET a try.Read More…
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    Are jQuery Users Fools?Are jquery users fools
    We should get this out into the open. There seems to be a commonly held belief that jQuery users are ignorant, and, more often than not, designers. Where did this come from, and is it true?Read More…
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    Are TextMate and Coda Yesterday's Editors?Textmate and coda
    Based on the title alone, many of you might cry, “blasphemy.” TextMate particularly has been a cornerstone for Mac-based web developers for years and years. However, things change, and, recently, better editors, like Sublime Text 2, have surfaced. With TextMate 2 and Coda 2 on the near horizon, can they compete, or are they too late to the next inning? The editor wars have begun.Read More…