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    Custom Counter for Twitter and FeedburnerTutorial
    I would like to share a simple way to have your Twitter follower counter or Feedburner total reader counter using custom styling on your WordPress website. You can see some examples on Custom Counter Page to get the idea of how these counters can look. Enough with the introduction, lets get started.Read More…
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    Using Bitly URLs in WordPress and use them with Twitter and GooglePlus ScriptsThumbnail
    So you want to use your bitly account with your WordPress based website? Well that’s really simple. All you need is to pay attention and follow the steps accordingly in the following tutorial!Read More…
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    Simple Plugin Which Lets Users Upload Files Into Your Dropbox Folder1
    Today we will write a plugin which allows your users to send their files to you, to your Dropbox account. It might be needed for several purposes; For example, if you provide a contest for your readers, they might need to send you some files that you want partitioned off on a unique folder location in Dropbox. In short, this plugin is for receiving files, which must not be made public yet, which must be reviewed by you.Read More…
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    Display PHP Errors as WordPress Admin AlertsImg wp tuts
    The PHP language is widely adopted for many web applications like WordPress. As powerful as PHP is it does have some drawbacks, but one of the my favorite features of PHP is that it will display errors right on the web page. The new toolbar that was introduced in WordPress 3.3 interferes with this functionality. The toolbar has a fixed absolute position which covers the first few lines of PHP errors. Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How to Utilize Akamai CDN with Your WordPress SiteAkamai
    "How to Utilize Akamai CDN on Your WordPress Site Without Busting Your Bank Account" Sounds impressive? It is! I have found a solution to integrate the Akamai CDN without having me to pay a lot, thus making CDN affordable to a lot more people. It still isn't free and it won't work for every webhost/CDN setup, but it's definitely cheaper than some CDN setups... and it might just work for you!Read More…
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    How to Disable the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.3Img wp tuts
    WordPress (Sonny) version 3.3 was just released last night. Half asleep, I downloaded the new version, set up my database, and installed it. Fancy new welcome, I like it. Then, I went and configured my settings just the way I like it. Fix the tagline, set the permalinks (Look, %postname%, awesome, awesome to the max), set the date and time format, etc. etc. Then I disabled the admin-bar. Clicked "Update Profile". Great! Hey, wait a minute. The admin-bar is still there!? What the [Insert Expletive]!Read More…
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    How to Make a Splash Page with WordPressSplash page via wordpress
    In celebration of Cyber Monday, today we're going to show you a technique for creating a custom "Splash Page" for your WordPress theme. You're probably seeing a lot of these around the net today, so you know that they're great for running quick promotions of products or events... but you can have fun with it and come up with creative ways to use a splash page such as advertising, donation button, radio pledge drives, highlight of an upcoming race, or highlight of a new product.Read More…
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    HTML5 WordPress Music Player & Settings Page IntegrationThumbnail
    I will be showing how to integrate an HTML 5 Music Player into WordPress. After that we will be adding a Settings Page ("theme options") so you can allow for easy player customization!Read More…
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    Quick Tip! 9 Handy WordPress Code Snippets (That You Really Should Know!)Preview
    Here are some short but handy code snippets that may make your life as a WordPress developer a little easier. We'll cover a little bit of everything, from how to automatically delete posts, how to quickly dish out a post thumbnail, to how to redirect users once they've logged in. Open up your text-replacement program and get ready to add a few new shortcuts!Read More…
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    "Getting" The Latest WordPress Installation From The Command LinePutty picture
    There are several ways to install WordPress, I have found that installing it via the command line is fast and efficient. Don't worry, it's easy! This is not an exhaustive tutorial on the command line, but simply how to copy the WordPress code on your server without downloading it to your computer. Read More…
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    Attaching Files To Your Posts Using WordPress Custom Meta Boxes, Part 1Preview
    Over the course of the next two posts, we'll take a look at how we can leverage the WordPress API to define our own custom meta boxes for attaching a document (such as a PDF) to our WordPress pages. We'll also take a look at how to properly remove files should we choose to delete them from our posts.Read More…
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    Gettin' Jiggy wit' the WP Database: Converting Category Slugs to IDs ($wpdb)Jiggy thumb
    The "out of the box" type of data extraction that you can do with Wordpress is awesome... really, it is. Until it's not. You see, there's actually quite a few scenarios out there where you need more than a simple function or tag to grab the data that you want and convert it to something that's actually useful. Buckle your seat belts, we're about to jump off the tracks for a few minutes...Read More…