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    Expedite your Titanium Development with Boilerplates and ModulesAppcelerator and codecanyon
    Appcelerator Titanium is quickly becoming the top choice for building cross-phone apps, using your existing set of web stack technologies. As such, over at CodeCanyon, we've launched a new category, specifically for Titanium modules, boilerplates, and more. The following 10 items and tools have the potential to rapidly decrease your development time. Read More…
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    Quick Overview: A Few Moments with Titanium200x200
    Those of you who follow us on Twitter might know that I'm currently working on an iPhone app for the tutorial sites. However, there's just one problem: I have no Objective-C experience! Luckily, a service called Appcelerator allows us to build native desktop and mobile (iPhone in my case) apps using the web technologies that we already know, like JavaScript! Before we launch an in-depth two-part series detailing how to create and sell an iPhone app from scratch later this month, I thought I'd give you a basic overview of how it works. Read More…