Adobe Air

  • Applications
    Build an Adobe AIR Stopwatch ApplicationCode
    In this tutorial, we will build an Analog Timer AIR Application that we can use as a utility to time development work. We will be using a Custom Timer class that has Pause and Resume capabilities. This custom class will help you with a lot of Timer based applications as you'll see with a few examples.Read More…
  • Web Development
    Building an Adobe Air application with Flex200x200
    In a previous tutorial we introduced the Adobe Air framework that illustrated how to create a simple application. Remember that Adobe Air is a framework that enables web developers, usually involved in html/js/flash programming, to build desktop applications. In this tutorial we will illustrate how to build an Adobe Air application with Flex, an open source set of technologies for the development of rich internet applications. Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Introduction to Adobe Air200x200
    This tutorial will introduce you to Adobe Air, a framework to build rich internet applications. This first introduction will show how to create a simple application using Html/Js technologies.Read More…