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  • ActionScript
    Recreate the Cover Flow Effect Using Flash and AS3Preview
    You've undoubtedly seen the "Cover Flow" view in effect. It's all over the place on Apple's stuff. And you've also probably seen a number of implementations of Cover Flow in Flash. In this tutorial, you'll get one more. We'll leverage the built-in 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10 (that's pre-Stage3D) and build our own XML-driven version of Cover Flow.Read More…
  • Games
    Creating "Flux": A Simple Flash Game With a Gravity MechanicFluxpreview
    In this tutorial, I'll explain the major steps and workflow for creating a simple space survival game, based on the gravity mechanic explained in a previous tutorial. This game is written in AS3 using FlashDevelop.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    The Math and ActionScript of Curves: Gradients and NormalsGradients
    We've tackled drawing curves, and finding their quadratic and cubic roots, as well as handy applications for using quadratic roots within games. Now, as promised, we'll look at applications for finding cubic roots, as well as curves' gradients and normals, like making objects bounce off curved surfaces. Let's go!Read More…
  • ActionScript
    The Math and ActionScript of Curves: RootsCollision
    In the first tutorial of this series, we took a look at drawing curves using equations and AS3. Now, we're going to tackle solving those equations to find the roots of a curve - that is, the places where the curve crosses a given straight line. We can use this to predict collisions with curved surfaces, and to avoid "tunnelling" in Flash games.Read More…
  • Freebies
    Tr.ace() 2.0: An Excellent AS3 Debugging UtilityPreview
    Last year, we released Tr.ace(), an open source debugging tool for Flash that expanded on the built-in trace() function. Now, Tr.ace() v2.0 introduces several new features including the much requested "textfield console" to help you squash those bugs once and for all!Read More…
  • ActionScript
    View 3DS Models With Away3D 4.0 BetaTeapot
    In this tutorial we’ll learn how to load and display a 3DS model file in Flash, using Away3D 4.0 beta and Stage3D's GPU hardware acceleration.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    What's a Configuration Object, and Why Bother Using It?Preview
    It's a pain to have to change the parameters of a function; you have to change every other call to that function in order to avoid errors. But you can get around this by using just one parameter: a configuration object.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    The Math and ActionScript of Curves: Drawing Quadratic and Cubic CurvesCurves
    We see lines used in a lot of scenarios. Curves are also used, although perhaps not as frequently - but that doesn't undermine their importance! In this tutorial we shall take a closer look at curves, particularly the quadratic and cubic curve, along with some of their commonly used mathematical features.Read More…
  • Games
    Generating Ghosts That Follow in Your FootstepsPreview
    Path following is a simple concept to grasp: the object moves from point A to point B to point C, and so on. But what if we want our object to follow the path of the player, like ghosts in racing games? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to achieve this with waypoints in AS3.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    Using ASAudio for Easy Flash Sound PlaybackAsaudio
    In this short tutorial I will introduce you to ASAudio, and AS3 library that greatly reduces the amount of code needed to create and manipulate sound object in your ActionScript projects.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    Countdown in Style With an Airport Terminal TimerPreview
    In this tutorial we'll make a reusable countdown timer with a dynamic target date that can be set via XML. We'll animate the numbers flipping down in the style of an old airport or train station status board. We'll cover code, graphics creation and animation.Read More…
  • ActionScript
    ActionScript 3.0 Optimization: A Practical ExamplePreview
    Code optimization aims to maximize the performance of your Flash assets, while using as little of the system's resources - RAM and CPU - as possible. In this tutorial, starting off with a working but resource-hogging Flash app, we will gradually apply many optimization tweaks to its source code, finally ending up with a faster, leaner SWF. Read More…