Wanted: Producer for Tuts+ Premium

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Tuts+ Premium is hiring for an expert in mobile development. We’re looking for a developer who’s passionate and experienced with mobile design and development to produce courses with us! You need to be experienced in mobile development platforms, be proactive and engaged with the industry, and have a passion for teaching. Sound like you? Read on!

We’re looking for a new Producer to join the Tuts+ Premium Content team. A Producer is responsible for recruiting and producing courses for Tuts+ Premium members and is a vital part of the content team. They should have professional experience in designing and developing for mobile (apps, websites, etc) and additional experience in screencasting or teaching.

A Producer role requires a commitment of 20 hours a week and ability to perform daily responsibilities, but you’ll have flexibility in scheduling your time. This role is a contract position and is paid monthly.

An ideal Producer on our team will have:

  • At least 3+ years professional experience in mobile development or design. This could include successfully developing iOS/Android apps, web apps, or other mobile interfaces. Should love every aspect of mobile development--from concept and design, to development and deployment, on up to iteration and strategy. Hands-on knowledge of backend development is required.
  • Experience screencasting or teaching in a on-line environment preferred.
  • Preferred experience working with WordPress, S3 and other content publishing tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to recruit and work with other talented professionals. Good working relationships in the mobile dev industry.
  • Experience working with high performance remote teams using a variety of web-based management tools and technologies. (Such as email, Basecamp, Skype and other web-based tools.)
  • A knack for time management, reliable performance and managing multiple projects at once.
  • A passion for teaching and strong ideas about how to make Tuts+ Premium even better!


Think you fit the bill? Then we want to hear from you! Send a us a short email to telling us how you’re the perfect fit for the Tuts+ Premium team. Make sure to include links or samples to back up your claims. A great application will be sure to mention:

  • Your professional experience in mobile development and design. Links to public apps or sites is highly preferred.
  • Previous samples of screencasting and teaching work. The more you’ve done, the better!
  • Your member name if you’re already active with the community.
  • Your available hours and local time zone.
  • Your top suggestion or idea for Tuts+ Premium courses. If you were brought on as a Producer, what would be the first course you’d want to make?

Make sure to get your email in by May 14, 2013. While every email will be considered we may not be able to respond to every application, but if you sound like a good fit you’ll hear from us soon. Join the team and help us make Tuts+ Premium even better!